Sunday, December 16, 2012

These two are going to give me gray hairs soon…but I still love them :)



I have had this goal to not get a gray hair until I was 30.  I’m thinking they might come sooner. Who knows. Smile  These kids have definitely been trying every ounce of my patience lately. And seeing how much they can pick on each other.

I was telling Darrell it’s funny how I had such a good labor with Jonathan that the idea of more kids is very appealing.  However, after this last week of emotional roller coasters, I’m done at 3. Smile 

But, we made it through this last week, and hopefully things will start going more uphill than downhill.  Because overall, this week was probably 10 times better than I expected.  And a big thanks to my friend, Nicole( and kids), for going to the dinosaur museum with us on Thursday.

One funny story from this week.  Darrell worked quite a bit of Saturday, and told the kids his brain was fried, so he was going to rest.  After a couple minutes, Lillie had a really confused look on her face and said, “Why does daddy have a brain?”

Needless to say, we both laughed, and then proceeded to give her an anatomy lesson. Smile  She even followed up last night asking if Daddy still had a brain.

Also, I took the kids to see Santa yesterday.  Lillie didn’t take up the chance to sit on Santa’s lap, but Steven definitely did.  He was talking up a storm telling Santa he needed lots of little legos.  He then told Santa he needed lots, so he could share with lots of friends.  Santa told him that was some good thinking to want to share his toys. Steven tapped on his head and said, “Yep. I’m a thinker!”


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Brittany DeFreese said...

i can't get over lillie's big cheeks and cute curly bangs :)