Wednesday, July 30, 2008

24th and then some....:)

Since Darrell had to work on the 24th of July, I headed down to Santaquin/Nephi to spend some time with my family. My brothers have a boat that they just got a new motor for, so we headed to Mona Reservoir to play in the water. Steven loved splashing in the water! Since Darrell missed the fun, we headed back down to Santaquin and Mona Reservoir on Saturday for a day of boating and swimming. Steven was so glad I actually brought his swimsuit this time! Steven trying to decide if he liked the life jacket. Getting ready to hit the boat! My first time tubing! WAHOO!!! Darrell on the tube Saturday night we stayed at my brothers house to help get his daughters ready for church on Sunday, while his wife was on a trip with his sons. Brian and the girls dressed Steven up like a ladybug on Sunday morning. It was just too cute!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

This post of American Idol Pictures!

I wasn't originally planning on going to the American Idol Concert, but when Jenny had an extra ticket, I thought it might be kind of fun! And of course, it was!! We had a great time being with family, and the concert was great! All of the top 10 did great, and it was super fun!!
We went to Chili's for dinner. I had never eaten there, and it was really good!!
With my sister, Sheri.Sheri, myself, Daniel, and Jenny awaiting the big event! Most of these pictures I got from Jenny, cause she had an awesome camera. Here is the difference...
My picture of Michael Johns at full zoom (He performed fantastically, I might add)

Jenny's picture of Michael Johns rocking it! Of course, David Archuleta did great. I loved how when he first started, he came up with the piano out of the stage. (They did the same thing for Brooke. It was cool). And, I think David Cook was my favorite. He did awesome, and it was a lot of fun to watch him perform. I'm really glad he won.

Here is my picture of David was the best one I took all night.

David Cook in HD! Rockin' It. I think he was my favorite performer of the night. Sure, I would love to have a David Archuleta CD...but David Cook in concert would probably be more fun! Here is a video of David Archuleta singing "Stand By Me." I got it as kind of a preview of all the screaming crazy girls in there. The picture isn't the best, and you can hear him fairly good. I also tried to get all the flashing cameras in the building.
For additional pictures, Jenny will be posting many on!

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

4th of July Happiness!

I have been looking forward to the 4th of July for a long time!! There is just simply no way to describe the Richfield 4th of July celebration unless you've been there. It also is a time when a lot of my family gets together, and we get to see lots of people we haven't seen for a long time! With our matching t-shirts. (Darrell doesn't like white t-shirts very much, so he got a grey one) The kids watching the parade and waiting for candy. Part of the reason I took this picture, is because I braided all the little girls hair that morning and we all had matching hair ribbons. So much fun! Steven and his cousin, Karen, being so cute! Since the public swimming pool had reaching capacity on the 4th, we took Steven swimming in the mini pool with his cousins. Needless to say, he liked the water a lot better than the last time we tried getting him in cold water in the back yard. He absolutely loved splashing while sitting on my lap.

A little late...

So, I was just looking through my pictures, and realized I totally forgot to spotlight Darrell on his awesome achievement of graduation in May!! It's been a while, but I am going to post this now, because he definitely deserves the recognition for a job well done!
So, yeah...May 3rd, 2008, Darrell graduated with a dual major from Utah State University:
Business Finance and Economics. He is now employed as a mortgage funder, and so far loves it!

Steven with dad's diploma. This was just too cute to resist!

Steven and daddy

Cute little family

Wearing dad's cap, and being cute Darrell, Phil, and Mike Ah, handsome man. Darrell and his parents With the Rowley's