Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Music Class

I put Steven in a music class this year.  It’s basically beginning music stuff to get kids ready for piano lessons down the road.  He’s been learning about instruments, notes, rhythms, and many more things.  He absolutely loves it.  He had his holiday music recital last night, and he was SO excited for it.   It was fun to watch him perform.  I hope music is something he’ll continue to love for years to come.


Jingle Bells

Steven’s class performing “Jingle Bells”IMG_0718

All music classes singing “Hear Those Bells”IMG_0722

Steven and his teacher, Miss Darcey IMG_0725

And one more thing.  Steven and I made ornaments for his teachers (Music and Preschool).  We just used  Mod Podge and some clear ornaments, but I think they turned out cute! Smile(And if case anyone was wondering, Mod Podge does goes bad and gross after sitting in a craft box for 6+ years.)


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nateandmel said...

Very Cute! Oh and Isabella is in Aidan's Kindy class- she is such a cutie!