Friday, October 31, 2008

A buzzzzy Halloween to you all!

Happy Halloween everyone!! I was so afraid Steven wasn't going to let us put his costume on for the day, but after a few trials of trying it on (literal screaming), he was okay when I put it on to go visit Great-Grandma and Grandpa Farnsworth for the actual holiday. He was a cute bumblebee, and I didn't take the time to find a matching shirt and pants, since we didn't go trick-or-treating. The costume is a size 2T, so it will get to wear it next year too, but it was still too cute to resist!!
Steven was having a blast playing with Grandpa Rowley, who came up for the State Volleyball Tournament He wouldn't actually smile at the camera for a picture, but this is him playing with his second cousin, Natasha. Had to get a picture of the back, with the cute little tail
I can fly!
About ready to have this crazy hood OFF!
This was just cute. He was having so much with this little doll that my Grandma Farnsworth has in a mini-rocking chair. He kept touching her nose and eye, and having so much fun!
We hope everyone had a safe, fun, and wonderful holiday!

Time Flies - Haircut #7

So, I sometimes can't believe how much hair Steven has. When he was a newborn, I imagined giving him his first hair cut on his first birthday...boy was i wrong. Despite him losing practically all his hair by two months, he's made up for it! This week after playing with his hair in the bath tub and realizing just how LONG it was, I decided it was time for another haircut, as you read, haircut #7 for this kid (I'll stop counting them sometime. I'm sentimental).
Anyway, here is a before picture... Check out this length! Awesome super long mohak!
Crazy hair!
And afterwards. It's actually slightly shorter than I planned, but with a super wiggly one-year-old, you can only do so much. At least he's not bald, right?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Mom's day off!

Life has been kind of busy lately, so I was kind of excited for Saturday to come. Since Darrell didn't get a chance to play with Steven at all last week while we were gone to Richfield, I decided this would be a chance for daddy/steven time. In the morning, I was able to go to a great Enrichment activity with our ward, and we had an excellent speaker that is a finance teacher at BYU talk to us, and she did a great job!
After Enrichment, I ran home, made lunch while Darrell got into the BYU Game, gave Steven some loves, then headed up for a trip to SLC to watch my good friend, Brittani (Willardson) Barton play her last home game as a Westminster Griffin. She has played volleyball for Westminster for four years now, and I have never been close enough to come watch her play. I was really excited to go!! Britt did an excellent job, and I forgot how much fun it was to watch a really good volleyball match. Brittani is the lone senior on the team this year, and she had a great last home match with seven kills, six digs, and 11 service points. It was also cool, cause they were having a breast cancer awareness day, so all their shirts for the game were pink. It was great!! Good Job Britt and good luck with the rest of your season!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

October FHE Tradition

When Darrell and I were at Snow, and not quite officially dating, he invited me to come over and carve pumpkins with him. My favorite part of that was it took him like 20 minutes to get the guts to ask me to carve pumpkins with him. Anyway, since then, we have always carved pumpkins for an FHE in October. We were sad to realize Monday night that this was the first time since we've been married that we didn't carve pumpkins with our great friends, the Anderson's, in Logan. They are the best, and we miss them. Anyway, we decided to go ahead and do it just the two of us this year after Steven went to bed. It was still really fun!
Darrell got really motivated with his pumpkin, and did this ultimate BYU pumpkin with a cougar on top. You couldn't see how awesome it was without the light in it...but my camera wouldn't take a good picture. However, you can still kind of see what an awesome job he did! I went fancy last year (I did Strongbad) and decided this year to go for a simple silly face. :)

Deer Huntin' Weekend!

So, after such a rough football game on Thursday night (which I admit, I left the room mid-third quarter to read a book), it was lovely to escape to Richfield for the weekend for a wonderful weekend with family! Deer hunt is basically one of the times of the year I look forward to every year, even though I never go hunting myself. Steven had a great time this year with his cousins, aunt, uncles, and grandma and grandpa. (Thanks to Jenny for most of these pictures!!)
Saturday was the beginning of the hunt, and Sheri was great to play with Steven for a while so I could get ready for the day. When I got ready, I went outside to find Steven having a BLAST with Aunt Jenny and Aunt Sheri out on the tramp. While they were on the trampoline, the men were cleaning the two deer that they had shot that morning. Steven literally was so enthralled by what was going on. He kept just watching them and saying, "OOHH!" As is depicted in the picture below :)
My brothers Brian and Greg didn't hunt in Southern this year, so they were the lone bucks out by themselves in central. (If you can call hunting with 5 fun boys and two old boys lonely :))
Here is Brian with his deer
My brother, Trent, with his lovely two-point
Daniel and his deer
We took this picture especially for Darrell, since he couldn't make it down to Richfield with us (since we left while he was at work!)
Steven really did love the deer.
Darrell had a great weekend also. He hung out with his brother, Brad, all weekend, and on Saturday, they went with all their siblings to a ReAL Salt Lake soccer game. I borrowed this picture from Janae's blog, so you could all see how much fun he had!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I'm a winner!

So, the other day I was thinking that I never win anything. However, my luck changed tonight. WAHOO! We went to the Bronco Mendenhall Show at Ken Garff in American Fork. Not only did we get free dinner, but I won a BYU flag. Darrell was probably more excited than me, but I was still excited. And, now I can take "BYU Flag" off the list of stuff I can get Darrell for Christmas.

A few things I need to catch up on..

A couple weeks ago, we went up AF Canyon and had a picnic for FHE. The leaves weren't quite amazing yet, but I still was impressed with the pictures my camera was able to produce. Maybe it knows I want to replace it :) Darrell brought his trumpet home after we went to his parents for Conference weekend. Steven thinks it's pretty awesome, and loves to help push the buttons. Darrell got a banana chair for his birthday. At first, when we put Steven in it, he wasn't so sure how he liked it. However, now it's one of his favorite things. He'll climb up in it, kick back, and just relax as I rock the chair for him. However, in this picture, he wants the camera. He always wants the camera.

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mission Reunion and General Conference

Last night we got to go to my Australia Melbourne Mission Reunion in Park City.  It sure was great to see so many missionaries that I served with.  None of my companions were able to make it, but maybe I'll see them in 2 years at the next one.  We did have a great time visiting with others.  President Overton had a cake made referencing a great quote most of the missionaries had memorized from Australia:  "Good, Better, Best. . .Never let it rest until good is better. . . and better is best."  I love that quote.  
General Conference started out great.  I just wanted to touch on a few highlights that were impactful to me from the Saturday morning session.  Hearing about five new temples is certainly Awesome!  I also noticed that President Monson referred to a time when President Kimball had members of the Church pray that the gospel could be opened to areas where it previously not available.  He noted that miracles happened and the gospel was opened to many areas of the world.  President Monson likewise invited us to pray for more areas of the world to be opened to the gospel.  He said, "I urge you to pray for the opening of those areas that we might share with them the joy of the gospel." He said that as we Pray in faith, those miracles will happen again and the gospel will be opened in more areas.  I know that this will happen if we as a church do pray in faith for the gospel to move forward to more areas of the world!
Elder L Tom Perry said that we need to live within our means.  He said that well managed families don't pay interest.  They earn it.  I love that advice!  It blesses lives when we live within our means and let interest work for us instead of against us.  
I loved how Elder Oaks talked about the power of preparing for the Sacrament.  I can sure do better at this one.
Steven woke up during Elder Ucktdorf's talk, but I still heard enough of the talk to feel the power of hope in our lives.  Hope is an abiding trust in the Lord.  It is combined with Faith as we expect that prayer will be answered by the Lord.  
I look forward to hearing more profound words that are consistant with what has been shared before at general conference and what will continue to be shared in the future.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is True!