Monday, November 30, 2009

The past month in a nutshell....

I didn't realize it's been about a month since I've done an actual post, but I am going to catch up now, and hopefully stay more on top of things. Here is our month is a nutshell of pictures...
Halloween Night at our ward trunk-or-treat. My friend Christina and I both hung out giving away candy with our prego bellies and let the men folk take the kids around for candy... Steven was a big fan of the trick-or-treating idea. Although, it was more cute that he kept saying "Happy....Halloweeennn!!" We think it got him more candy anyway... :)
Eating some loot
After our ward party, we went to visit my grandparents, and Steven attempted fitting into the teeny doll rocking chair (As always)
For one of our play groups, we got to make apple turkeys
Steven has become obsessed with reading daddy's scriptures. he will sit and excitedly tell us all the letters he sees. One day he'll figure out how to put them together :)
We got to enjoy seeing the LD Singers up in our area, and I got to see one of my beautiful roomies from Snow, who just got her mission call!! Congrats Sutsa! Steven has turned his diesel truck into a horse....
Bedtime routine is not complete without daddy reading storiesThen came Thanksgiving!! We went to Richfield this year, and enjoyed a fun time with all 34 of us packed into my parents house. (That is not including the two grandchildren that are cooking. After May it will be 36 of us:)
It was kind of crazy, but admist all the craziness of course is lots of fun!! Here are Daniel, Jenny, and Hayley workin on their Gingerbread House (Which Steven calls "Birthday cakes")
Hard at work on those houses
Darrell looks so excited to show off our gingerbread house..:)
We hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! I can't wait to continue ringing in the holidays, filled with love, fun, music, family, food, and lots of other good things!!!

Monday, November 02, 2009

Counting by 10's....

Here is a picture from 20 weeks....10 weeks ago10 week later.... Here we are 3 days ago....30 weeks along Only about 10 weeks left....kinda crazy!
Also, we have a few names that we can't decide on....what girl names do you think we should use? We need some more to sort through to see what we really like!