Friday, November 30, 2007

Second Cousins are fun!

My cousins, Rachel and Maria, came up to visit us today, and Steven got to meet his new second cousin, Meghan Marie Kummer, who was born 9 days after him. They were fun to see together!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Our Story Teller

Lately, Steven has decided it's fun to help us tell the stories we read him. Of course..once he figured out I was recording, he got camera shy.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Farewell Sister Felt!

It was exciting to go to Kate's "farewell" while we were down for Thanksgiving! And it was good to get together with some of the high school friendsies!

Cropper Fam Pictures

This weekend was the first time all of darrell's family has been together in many many years. Here are just some of the fun pictures we got. Steven with his Cropper cousins. Our Cute Family Darrell and siblings Parents and children.

Cute Steven!!

We had so much fun for Thanksgiving! We got to see both families, and Steven got to have LOTS of love! Ready for Christmas already! He loves to smile more and more each day! With cousin, Karen With cousin, Emily

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fun Weekend

Friday night we got to see the LD Singers perform in Springville. It was a great time, and I wish I would've taken more pictures. I mean, I got to see Spitty, and lots of other friends. I did get to see Coach! He was so cute playing with our little man, I couldn't resist a picture. Saturday evening we got to go to the Provo Temple with Darrell's parents, while Aunt Sheri got to tend Steven. (I'm not sure who was more to go to the temple again, or aunt sheri to tend!) It was so much fun, and I am sure Darrell and I are such a dashing couple.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Halloween...was fun

Despite looking around, I could never find a costume for our little man that fit him, or my price range. Aunt Sheri insisted that we dress him up, so I copied her idea. With the help of a few cotton balls, our little man become "partly cloudy, with a chance of rain and snow." The rain came in the form of regular drool, and the snow came in not so regular anymore (Thank heavens) spit up. He was pretty cute, and had no idea what was going on. We did get free pizza at institute for the holiday...

You learn something new every day....

So, we went to this meeting the other night. Something about healthy chocolate...anyway. I saw a guy in the room, and he was talking, and I'm like, "He looks so familiar." Darrell said he looked kind of like Stephen Covey, my dad's mission president, but that wasn't quite it. I thought maybe Daddy Warbucks or something...then it hit me! He was the guy who played the Bishop on the Singles Ward movie. I felt so proud of myself.... Then they introduce the guy...turns out he's Wally Joyner...some famous baseball dude that played for the Angels and the San Diego Padres.. (I only pay enough attention to baseball to care that my team, the Red Sox, won the world series). I thought it was pretty cool, so I went up and talked to him after the meeting and had him sign a couple baseball cards for my nephews :)