Thursday, February 28, 2013

I blinked…

I can’t believe our little Jonny Boy is 3 months old already!!  He is such a joy in our home, and has the biggest smile.   He loves to play with his hands and his best smiles always come out when his siblings talk to him.  I got a laugh out of him on Tuesday, and I can tell he is going to join his siblings in the cutest laughter anyone has ever heard! 

For the record, he has the craziest hair ever!  He has a ton on top and on the right side, but hardly any hair on the left side of his head. And don’t worry, he lays on the right side, so it now getting a bald spot in the middle of the hair he actually has.  Gotta love it!


My cute kids!


Legacy worthy grandma

Saturday we went to Deseret for the funeral of my Grandma Rowley’s husband – Homer.  Grandma married Homer almost 12 years ago, and although I didn’t ever really get to know him, I enjoyed any time we got to go visit them.  I was grateful we could go to the funeral to be there for my grandma.  It was neat to learn a lot more about Homer through his life sketch, and through hearing his grandchildren speak.

My Grandma is such an amazing woman.  I know it’s because of her that my dad has such an ingrained love and dedication to education, and that has passed onto me through them.   Grandma also is very into family history, and always willing to help others.

As Darrell was talking to her, she mentioned that she’s now seen 2 husbands pass away, and that’s enough for her.  I don’t blame her.  She’s such a strong woman, though, and is doing amazing for being 90! I’m also glad she got to meet Jonathan for the first time.


After driving to Oasis to see the old Farm, we totally noticed we were driving on Cropper Lane, so of course took a picture. Smile


Tuesday, February 26, 2013

One of those weeks

It’s only Tuesday, and I already feel like it’s been an emotional roller coaster type of week.  I’ve cried some tears, but they range from happy tears to sad tears.

Sunday we had a big Relief Society meeting that our RS presidency wanted all the ladies to be there. That meant the men all subbed for Primary, so I got to go.  I always love a chance to go to RS, and we even got strawberry shortcake! (Score!!)  Anyway, the lesson of course was on visiting teaching, and I always love new ways to make visiting teaching effective.  For some reason though, this lesson just made me depressed about myself.  It made me feel like an awful visiting teacher, an awkward person, and overall just out of place.  I know that couldn’t have been the Spirit telling me those things, so I came home with a  determination to set more time to pondering, praying, and searching for the Spirit to really be with me in the things I’m doing.

Today marked happy tears and sad tears.  First, the sad tears.

I have a dear dear friend who has been trying to get pregnant for a long time. (As in 5+ years).  She’s one of the dearest people I know. So pure, kind, and compassionate.  2 weeks ago, she and her husband announced that they were expecting!  I started crying the minute she told us because I was SO happy for them!  All day long today I’ve been thinking about her, so I shot her a text to tell her I hoped she was feeling well.  A few hours later I got a text from her saying she had a long night last night and had miscarried her baby.  Commence tears again.  Her faith, hope, and courage are something I admire so much, and I continue to pray that this miracle of her actually getting pregnant can lead to a miracle of a baby in their home in the future.


Within 30 minutes of getting this text tonight, I was made aware of a miracle.  A friend, who I think the world of, was given the shocking news last July that she had a brain tumor on her pituitary gland and that she would never be able to conceive children again.  In fact, they said her 3 year old daughter was a complete miracle because the tumor had been there that long.  September brought surgery, where they were able to remove half the tumor, but also had to remove the pituitary gland, which controls all the reproductive hormones.  Despite all the medical reasons why it shouldn’t happen, and multiple doctors telling her it would never happen, I started to pray for her for that miracle that she wanted – to conceive another baby.  And tonight, I had another testimony that miracles happen.  She is 12 weeks pregnant now, and it’s so wonderful to see the happiness in her eyes, despite ongoing pain. 


My last tears tonight are the ones the come often that life is not fair.  It simply is not, and I only hope one day to understand why.  All I do know is summed up in the words of a song I wrote my sophomore year of high school:

God love my laugh
He loves my eyes
He loves my smile and He holds me every time that I cry
He loves Me


And I know that rings true for every single one of us.

Week 8–A Picture that Makes You Laugh


I took this picture shortly after we were married.   Darrell is pretty laid back, mellow, and conservative, so to get these kind of shots is rare.  Too bad I never got a picture of him wearing my skinny jeans… Smile


Week 7–A Picture of your Most Treasured Item

I don’t have a specific picture, because my most treasured items are indeed – PICTURES!  I’m a person who loves to hold to memories and feelings, and pictures are indeed the best way for me to do that.  So friends, the reason why I always want pictures of everything is because I love to reflect and treasure moments in my life.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Week 6–A Picture of a Person you’d love to trade places with for a day

I can’t think of a specific person, but I’d love to trade places with anyone in London, England.  I’ve always wanted to go, and seeing Big Ben is one of those international things on my bucket list.  The history, architecture, and everything intrigues me.


View of the Thames from the Waterloo Bridge, London, UK

Thursday, February 07, 2013

A Picture of Your Favorite Memory

There are so many things that could fall under this.  Trips, Wedding Day, Day my children were born, but the one that came to my mind was this one:

I don’t have an actual picture from the day, but it was August 12, 2006.  That was the day I received my endowments in the Manti, UT Temple.  I feel like this was a time in my life was when I was probably the strongest spiritually, and it was such an amazing day.  I was there with my Darrell, most of his family, and the best part was being in the Celestial Room with my parents and all of my siblings.  One of my brother’s almost didn’t make it because his car broke down, but I remember praying the night before that this special thing of my mom being in the temple with all of her children for the first time could come to pass. And it did!


Saturday, February 02, 2013

Jonathan’s Big Day

Today was Jonathan’s Blessing Day!  We got to have an even double special day with my brother’s daughter, Sarah, who is almost 3 weeks older than Jonathan.  It was great to spend the day with family, and celebrate the birth of these two cute cute babies! SmileIMG_1400IMG_1413

Jonathan with my grandparents


Grandma and Grandpa Rowley and Grandma and Grandpa Farnworth


With Grandpa John Curtis and Grandma Cropper



Our kookie family





Aunt Sheri




Naps and Food Make a Happy Baby!