Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Our First Glimpse of Baby!

We went in for my 12 week appointment this week. (a.k.a. my first appointment) The only reason they really do an ultrasound is to see how many babies are in your tummy,(there is only one) and we also got to hear the heartbeat. It was pretty awesome! I don't think I've seen Darrell smile that big for a REALLY long time. It was awesome.

Facial Profile

Here is another picture from our first ultrasound. It was pretty exciting. The baby was looking right at us, and as I was looking at this picture last night, it sort of looked like StrongBad to me...but I'm a little strange too :)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Yay for Babies!

Hey everyone! So, this picture is of my ADORABLE niece, Hayley Jade Rowley, whom happens to be now almost 2 months old. Isn't she adorable? So why the need for cute picture? It comes with an announcement! We love announcements!! The Announcement is: (drum roll) I'm pregnant! Pretty crazy, it is true. And for all of you people who are saying, "Wow, that was fast" or "They didn't waste anytime." SHAME ON YOU! We originally weren't planning on having kids for about 2 years, but we know this is what the Lord has planned for us right now. We're so very excited! I'm due on Septemeber 5, 2007, which puts me right now (Feb. 1) 9 weeks along! I'll try to keep this place updated! I love you all!