Saturday, May 31, 2008

Jumpin Jumpin

It's been fun having the Johnny Jump-Up Around. It has been entertaining Steven while I've been unpacking and cleaning. Next time I get around the internet, I'll try to have pictures of the new apartment. Let's just say it wasn't cleaned before we moved in, so I've been doing that as well as unpacking. Hopefully someday soon we'll have pictures!

Memorial Day Weekend

We got to spend Sunday of the weekend with my family, for my new nephew, Jacob's, blessing, and my nephew, Jackson's baptism. Then Monday it was up to Salt Lake to Wasatch Lawns with the Croppers, and of course, a yummy lunch afterwards!
Playing with Hannah. It's so cute to hear her call him "Steben"

Cute little Jacob

Fambly Pic Opp.

Playin with Grandma

Having fun with mom!

Moving Day!

last week was our sad moving day. We had tons of help though, and that was great!
Thanks everyone for helping us out! Sad Steven alone in our empty house. (obviously he wasn't alone cause i took the picture)

What to do when dad is not home...

Darrell started his job in Draper two weeks before we moved, so Steven and I had quite a bit of free time. There was lots to do though! We can play in the boxes... See how long Steven's hair is getting.... and of course, play with our food!

A Weekend of Fun!

It was fun to go to Richfield for Brittany's open house. It was also fun, because I got to spend a few days with my mommy and quilt. Steven had a great time playing under the quilt and also getting our feet as we would quilt. It was great fun! :) Congrats to Brittany and Sean. They are such a cute couple! I like them!

Friday, May 23, 2008

I's Sad.

So, tomorrow, Saturday, we are moving. I'm quite sad, because I'm in love with my trailer, I love my ward, and I love having friends and family close by. Just hanging out at Trent and Megan's house the other night made me so sad, but also happy to know that I was able to get to know them so much better while we've been up here. The friends I'm going to miss are too numerable to mention!
So, folks, this may be my last post for a while, cause we don't know when we'll have the internet again. However, with the hope of me doing internet classes come fall, we may get it before September! Wahoo!! So, adios amigos, I love you! And look forward to adventures from the Lehi Croppers!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Post alert!

Last week, we went with my family, The Rowleys, to California, and what a blast we had! Steven was better than expected on the days of traveling long hours in the car, and we think he liked Disneyland! :) The next 6 posts of so kind of show some of our highlights! Enjoy!

Rowley Adventures to California!

Our awesome family t-shirts created by my sister, Sheri, and my brother, Brian.The whole gang! :) And thanks to Jimmy Coray for taking the picture. Ah, fer cute! C is for [Cropper] and that's good enough for me! Steven's first day at Disneyland!
Ever famous tongue sticking out!

Riding the fun rides!

On the jungle cruise. Steven's first ride at Disneyland!On the Casey Jr. Circus Train. (Steven was sleeping) Darrell having a tea party with the ladies, Karen, Kaitlyn, and Ellie! On the carousel Himlich's Choo Choo Train. Jeffrey, Brian, and Darrell on the Maliboomer
Can you see me on the California Screaming? I went on it once for Darrell's sake. It made me dizzy, but it was awesome. He, my brother Brian, and my nephew, Jeffrey, only rode it about 4 times. They have stomaches and heads of steel.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Meeting some of the Disney Characters

Meeting Cinderella's Fairy Godmother. This picture is my favorite, because my hair is in my face!Hanging out with Goofy! Such a nice guy. After waiting in line for about a half hour, we got to see Mickey! It was worth it, especially since my neice and nephew both made Mickey fall over..
Elastigirl! i really wanted a picture with her, so I can be a super mom like she is one day!

Getting wet and having fun!

Some of the favorite rides for our family were Splash Mountain in Disneyland
and Grizzley River Run in California Adventure!The Rowley boys after getting soaked after numerous runs on the rapids. After going on Splash Mountain. It was totally awesome! I can honestly say I've NEVER gotten that wet before on that ride. Darrell having some fun on the rapids. The wonderful guyser on the river. It was a hit! haha..I crack myself up!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

To the beach, okay!

It was quite the cold day when we went to the beach, but we managed to have a bit of fun! :)
My brother, Trent, and his daughter, Makenzie, made this awesome sand turtle.Darrell had fun with the nephews while at the beach. Jeffrey stayed warm always staying in the sand :) Jeffrey kept commenting on how soft his skin felt after being exfoliated while at the beach! Having some fun!
Steven wasn't sure what to think of the beach with all the wind, and not to mention his 100.3 degree fever that day. Poor kid!

Cute Mousey Ears

I was so glad Steven let us put his ears on him so much. They were adorable! Having so much fun with dad! Checkin' out Mickey Mouse's Piano Hangin' with Mickey!