Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Cool People!

So, I had to get a picture with some of Peter Brienholt's band, since David Tolk was the pianist. While we were waiting in the foyer, we took pictures of other cool people as well. Zann and Amber Anderson, and Kerry and Alison Bayles. USU rocks, it's true!

Crown Making with the Zamberson's!

So, Friday night after we went to the Peter Brienholt concert, we went to Zann and Amber Anderson's (The Zamberson's) and had a great evening. We made crowns, made brownies, and watched The Princess Bride! It was awesome...I think Darrell was a bit bitter about his pink crown, that I made for him :)

Christmas in Richfield!!

Christmas was so much fun this year! We got pajamas, and of course, the nieces and nephews were as cute as ever!

We love Kate Felt!

So, Kacey and I had this great time visiting Kate last month. So, letting Will take my camera wasn't too bad....for a minute. The guy went crazy! That man should be a photographer. Great people skills!

Visiting the Kate!

So, way back in December, Kacey and I went to Ogden to watch the beautiful Kate in her Christmas Program. When we got out of the performance, we were waiting for her, and thinking, "we don't know anybody." But then we remembered Will Felt was going to be there....needless to say, it didn't take us long to find him!

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Our New Neighbors

So, yesterday, as Darrell is driving me home from work, he says, "We have a new neighbor." and I'm thinking, "Great, another single guy just like the guy who lives downstairs." So I ask him, "Just one?" He replies, "I don't know. I just noticed the lights on. So, we go to meet our new neighbor, and I'm praying it's a couple, not a single guy.
When we knock on the door, a young man answers, and I see he's in a suit, and I think, "he's been at work." Until he moves, and I see his name tag, "Elder Bennett." We have the Elders as neighbors! His companion came out and met us too, and we said we just wanted to meet our new neighbors.
Elder Burnham was so excited, and exclaimed, "You guys are the coolest neighbors ever! We need more neighbors like you!"
It was pretty funny...so instead of 1 single guy....we have two single guys.
Now our fourplex population: Men: 4 - Women: 1