Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Little girls help me look cute!

So, it seems that little children are just so adorable, because, they just are! So, thankfully I have been blessed to be caught on camera with some of the cutest ones ever, and they make me look pretty cute myself. I like this idea!

Sunday, May 28, 2006

Hey..I'm engaged!

Myself and my future eternal companion! Woot! The ring!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006


So..we were sitting in Talauna's living room SAturday evening, and I was so tired, and I almost fell asleep. Suddenly, Darin put this air mattress on me like a giant blanket. IT was actually kind of nice. Then he got this funny look on his face and grabbed my camera. Then I heard this sound of inflating mattress.... Soon my blanket began to grow bigger..... And bigger.... And then came the finished product!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

New York, New York!

So, my older brothers are plotting taking this trip to Alaska someday to go fishing...and well, my sister and I had always wanted to go see "Wicked" on Broadway...and suddenly a really good chance opened up. So, with our mother, we took a girls bonding week, graduation present, get away from reality for a few days trip to New York City! It was such an incredible experience! This was the first thing I saw as soon as we landed when I looked out the airplane window....I was pretty excited, and amazed I was actually in New York! Bryant Park in New York City...this was the first time I had seen Kate Felt in over 5 months..and it's not everyday you see one of your greatest friends in NYC! This isn't the BEST picture of the view from the top of the Empire State Building...but it's a try for what I could see! All of us on the 86th Floor of the Empire State Building...we didn't want to pay even more to go all the way to the top!

More of NYC.

This is Ground Zero where once stood the World Trade Center. It was one of my favorite places. It was a very solemn feeling, but it also arroused many personal feelings from September 11 in my heart. Trinity Church on Wall Street and Broadway. This is where they find the treasure in the movie "National Treasure!" This is me and Sheri with Lady Liberty behind us. We got a little bit closer..but not much while we were on the Staten Island Ferry.
Me and the Bull of Wall Street. I took this picture in honor of my nephews and brothers who absolutely love the game "Pit!" The Brooklyn Bridge! It was really awesome! And...it was really cold and windy by the waterfront as well :) Inside a little shop in Chinatown..this is why I love my sister! (Okay, not the ONLY reason..but still) This is us right outside of Chinatown...that was pretty crazyfun, but cool!

Wicked, awesome!

In the words of one of the songs from "Wicked," Elphaba and Galinda both sing "Don't wish, don't start, wishing only wounds the heart." Well, that's how I live a lot of my life...however, I'm glad seeing "Wicked" wasn't a dream I let die! Times Square, as we were walking down Broadway. The Gershwin Theater....named after my favorite composer..George Gershwin! Here we are at the Gershwin Theater getting ready to go see Wicked..which was pretty much totally awesome!

5th Avenue fun!

This is when I met CruElla DeVil at the World of Disney on 5th Avenue... It was sure fun! The lovely Rowley ladies sitting in a little cute thing on the Park Lake. Belveder Castle! This is what Kate called my "Princess Picture" I'm standing in Belveder Castle overlooking Turtle Pond in Central Park. I guess some could say I'm waiting for a knight in shining armor to rescue me in my tower while looking over the rippling waves of the Lake of Shimmering Waters.

Central Park

This was by Bow Bridge in Central Park! I really liked this picture! Central Park was a "swimming" sensation! I don't remember the Lake's name...but this was by the Fountain of Bethesda... This was my favorite piano in Steinway Hall! It was only...$68,000 or something...I loved it! In the Steinway Hall, playing the piano! I only played "Malaguana" but I got Kate to play "Choppin Broccoli" on a really pretty piano! This was our carriage ride through Central Park! It was an awesome little relaxing ride after a LOT of walking!

Times Square - Wednesday

The Hershey's Store on Times Square...it reminded me of Willie Wonka's Factory!! This is the sign for "Beauty and the Beast." You can't really see it....but it's still there! 46th Street and Broadway! This was right before Kate and I had to say good-bye at Times Square after we saw "Beauty and the Beast" We made sure we got the "Wicked" sign behind us!

Russian Princess!

So, I was sitting in the Chicago-Midway airport with a 3 hour-lay-over, and our flight also got delayed...well this cute little Russian lady asked me if she could braid my hair in a way that is not often seen in America..so of course I let her! It was so much fun...she called it the "pyramid braid" Wooh..look at that hair! The final project of my Russian Princess Hair!