Saturday, January 31, 2009


Having fun with mom's gloves... he's been kind of obsessed with them lately.. He looked so darn cute in these overalls, I had to get a picture. His face was pretty cheesy cute!
I don't think this really looks like him...but he's still a cheeser!
Giving himself a yogurt/ravioli bath
He was watching me sweep the floor, so I told him what I was doing. Then I gave him the broom, and he walked around for about 10 minutes saying "swee swee"
A little photoshop fun with a cute picture in his hat from Aunts Mel and Janae

MLKJ Holiday!

Since Darrell has to work on the Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Steven and I ventured off to go bowling with some of Steven's cousins, my mom and my sister. Steven had never been bowling before, but he definitely soon became a BIG fan! HE LOVED IT!!!
He loved being able to push the ball down the ramp...
Then he would watch in awe for a minute, befor pushing the ramp down the bowling lane... He had the push with the palm technique which served him well
Here is a little video...although not that exciting...

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A basic, yet wonderful, day!

This afternoon, I was just playing with Steven (what else is new?:) ) As we were playing, I just had this overwhelming feeling of being blessed! I am so blessed to have such a special little guy to spend each and every day with all the time! I definitely know the Lord sent him to our family right when we needed him, and I absolutely would not trade any of my "planned dreams" that were on my list before he was born. I'm perfectly content that instead of getting a degree before having kids, I got Steven and then the degree. I'm thankful for the gospel to help me know that being a wife and mother are the reason why I am here, and I only know it's going to get better every single day!
In case I don't put enough pictures of this cute little guy on here, here are some more for you!
I got this amazing exercise ball for Christmas, and Steven used to be afraid of it, but now he LOVES it!Playing with daddy! I got a bunch of clothes from my sis-in-laws when Steven was born, so today I went through starting to find 18 month clothes, so I can know what I need to start buying on clearance sales. He thought it would be great to dress himself and have a party!
These brown eyes are basically irresistable!
Looking at the window after Daddy went to Elders Quorum meeting. He was trying to find him.

Friday, January 09, 2009

My cute boy

Steven and I have so much fun all the time being here at home. The only way I can get him to smile at the camera is if I ask him to show me his teeth. Then we get a cute cute cheeser smile!
This morning, he was sort of "complaining whining" so i went in to see what was the matter. When I went in his room, he smiled up at me, but didn't stand up like he usually does....and I soon discovered why. He thought it might be fun to see just how skinny his legs are and fit them into one pajama leg.
Close-up cuteness...pretend his cheeks are not dabbled with eczema and that there is not a huge drool drip on his chin :)