Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Saturday my mom's cousin's got together for a Staheli Family Reunion. Darrell wasn't able to join us, since he worked on Friday, but I was so glad that I was able to get a chance to go! One of the highlights for me was going to Holt's Ranch to visit the Family Cemetery. Here, I got to see my great-grandparents graves, Bartlett and Lillie Farnsworth. (And lots of other distant ancestors as well) Steven had a lot of fun, and was glad to have his Grandma and Grandpa there, so he didn't have to be surrounded by complete strangers. It was fun to have a few of his cousins there as well!
In the middle of the party, while all the kids were playing on the big waterslide, the weather became dark, and thunder started booming! Then it started to hail, pour, and the torrents came! Luckily, we were in a big pavilion, and everyone huddled to the middle. Steven had a lot of fun saying "BABOOM" every time he would hear the thunder.
Hayley and Kaitlyn were freezing from being wet. They sure are cute!
On the way back, we stopped in the Enterprise Cemetery to see the grave of my grandma's parents, Belle and Le Roy Staheli (It was their descendents having the get-together)
Some cute pictures to finish off....Grandpa and Steven reading books Saturday night at bedtime
Steven loved Grandpa's slippers

24th of July Fun

For the 24th, Steven and I headed down south to Cedar City with my sister so that we could be closer to Enterprise for a family reunion on Saturday. We had a love of fun with my parents, and my brothers and their families that live down there. We had a barbecue, went and hit some softballs, and Steven had a blast playing at Hayley's house!
Playing on the slide. He would run away really fast if Hayley came climbing up the other side. Wish I could've gotten a picture! Playing on the bike ("CHEEEEESE") He wasn't so fond of the sparklers. He's more of a pop-it, and "BOOM BOOM" firework type of guy
Watching the fireworks with Hayley and Grandma and Grandpa
Watching fireworks with Sheri and Justin

Hooray for weddings!

On Thursday, July 23, my cousin Benjamin got married, so we took the opporunity to join in the fun celebrations. Steven had a lot of fun with Uncle Brad while I was in the temple for the ceremony, and then we had some great fun the rest of the day!
Steven would smile for Grandpa, but not so much for me :)
It was such a hot day that we got Steven's hair wet and spiked it to help him cool down
Sheri and I with our cousin Abigail that we haven't seen in about 8 years. It was so much fun to see her family!
Abby's husband, Paul, is basically one of my favorite cousins. We just laugh all the time!
The reception was up Provo Canyon at a place called Conrad Ranch. It was beautiful! (and not to mention, the 20 degree difference from the valley was fabulous)
Darrell going for a walk with Steven and some of our nieces Paul and Hunter swingin' and talking
Lately, when trying to take Steven's picture, he gets this super cheesy look on his face, raises his eyebrows and goes "CHEEEEEESE!"
Abby and Steven - Cute little cousins going for a walk
Hannah, Nate, Abby and Steven on the swing

Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Day Off

This week has been kind of long. With a teething 22 month old, and not getting much sleep, I found myself anxiously excited for the weekend! Daddy and Steven Day was approaching, along with my day to relax!
Here are my 10 steps to relaxation:
Step 1: Go to a baby shower with fun neighbors and enjoy the shade and company before the heat becomes unbearable
Step 2: Drive to Salt Lake to get together with a few friends from the good old days (THANK YOU THANK YOU Jamie for getting your pictures up so quickly, so I could get them too!)
Step 3: Eat a fantastic lunch at the Cheesecake FactoryStep 4: After surprising half the group with the announcement that you're 15 weeks pregnant, go into Claire's and act like you're cool Step 5: Continue to take cool pictures until you find out you're not supposed to take pictures in ths store...
Step 6: Go on a walk through the OUTRAGEOUS heat on Temple Square and walk into the Joseph Smith Memorial Buildling for a some R&R time on the couches enjoying the AC
Step 7: Explore a new place! The Beehive House was a lot of fun!
Step 8: Continue to take fun and crazy pictures with your friends
Step 9: Enact what could possibly be a new "best friends" statue somewhere....
Step 10: Have a splash war before deciding the heat was too much, and calling it a day!
Thanks for giving me an excuse for a day off ladies! Hopefully we can make this a yearly tradition, and gain followers!

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

4th of July Fun!

We had a fun filled weekend on the 4th, of course spent in Richfield! There is no 4th of July like a Richfield 4th of July. It's all about tradition, family, friends, and good times. We had fun doing the festivities over the weekend which started off with the Kids Parade. Steven loved being able to ride in the wagon pulled by his cousin!The cute Rowley kids ready to show off their stuff! Steven LOVED his flag that he would wave like crazy
Then we went and participated in the good ol' Diaper Derby. Steven got to do the toy pull, since he was in the oldest age division
Getting ready for the Big Parade on the 4th
At the park, the Home Depot had this awesome booth that little kids could do crafts for FREE! Steven got an awesome apron, along with all his cousins, and he thought he was pretty awesome stuff. (which of course, he was)
About a week before the 4th, I randomly woke up one morning and said, I want to make a star shaped cake for the 4th...so here was my attempt. My sis-in-law made the awesome firecracker pretzels
Steven loved the fireworks and would say "Bang Bang!" or "pop pop" depending on how loud they were. Here he is throwing snappers while waiting for it to get dark
We decided to bring Steven's Home Depot craft home, and he got to put it together with Daddy for FHE.
The Race Track in it's finished stages. Steven loves it!
Steven also won a goldfish at the park. It's fun to see him have his very first pet, whom we have lovingly named "Fishy." Steven helps me feed Fishy every morning, and will knock on the bowl, which makes the fish swim around like crazy. He loves it!