Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Yay EFY!

I'm sure many of you are confused, when I say I was an EFY Counselor this year. Let me explain. They now have "stay-at-home" sessions of EFY, where the kids go to a local place to go to EFY. They come in the morning, and leave in the evening. They get counselors for these sessions based on volunteers. They allowed me to volunteer, even though I was married, because I got to go home every night and see my handsome husband. It was one of the greatest weeks of my life! Also, I was not the only married counselor at our session, so I didn't feel as awkward. Now being 7 months pregnant...that did get me a few weird looks on the first day! :) Some of the counselors after a song practice. Jeremy, Kirsten, Casey, James, Amy, Janell, Corinna, Sam the cool kid, Alisa, and Nicole. We loved being able to walk the kids to the parking lot every night. We were so cool! Dallin, Kirsten, Philip, Richard, Adam, Jamee, Janell, and Jeremy.

EFY Madness

Our Company, "Cursed with a Curse" at the Logan Stay-At-Home EFY. We had a pretty fun group of 14-15 year olds. I decided they are my favorite, because they claim they are coming to meet individuals of the opposite gender, but they're too shy to talk to them. It's great! My girls and I after an evening devotional on the quad. Pretty sure this was Games Night. Erin, Meagan, and Chiloe. Some of my fun girls. Monica, Myself and Chiloe. Monica, Kimberlee, and Kelli at the service Project. I'm not sure if Kimberlee was sad or proud of her broken crayon.

We the winners!

This is one of my co-counselors, Tommy, with our winning prize, Rupert the Cow. We won him, because our company had the most points or something. We seriously were shocked how this happened...but we were still excited! Go Cursed with a Curse! Co-Counselors Rule. Here we have myself, Tommy Reck (His whole name is William Clayton Thomas Reck) and Tiffany. Way fun people! Me and my girls! Ashley Ruff, Chiloe Alius, Pregnant Cute Counselor, Ashley Aldridge, Hannah Aldridge, Britney Belliston, Kimberlee Goodey, Kelli Rindlisbacher, and Monica Anderson!