Saturday, April 14, 2012

Farm Country Fun

We have been able to enjoy Thanksgiving Point a few times this week, as our pass expires next week (sniffle).  We had some good friends and family join us in our jaunt to Farm Country on Tuesday.  My kids absolutely love it, and the highlight for them, aside from being with Grandma, Grandpa, Janae, Amber, Teddy and Aurora, was riding the ponies.  So fun!



Easter Fun


Easter Dressy-ups


Below are 25 examples of why I am NOT A professional photographer.  SmileDSCN2858DSCN2860DSCN2861DSCN2863DSCN2865DSCN2866DSCN2868DSCN2870DSCN2873DSCN2876DSCN2879DSCN2881DSCN2883DSCN2886DSCN2888DSCN2889DSCN2890DSCN2891DSCN2892DSCN2893DSCN2894DSCN2895DSCN2896DSCN2897DSCN2898

A little bit of this and that…..


Every month the ladies in my neighborhood have Ladies Night at Applebees with half priced appetizers.  It’s always a lot of fun to stay up late and enjoy great company!



Lillie getting ready for a volleyball game Smile Go Cougars!!






A little bit of heaven that I had last month.  My brother brought it down to me.  And it was SO wonderful.  I think I sang the song “Happiness is..” every time I ate this. DSCN2743DSCN2745


Lillie playing the piano. 


I helped at the Miss Saratoga Springs Pageant in March, and felt special wearing my cool backstage tech gear :)



My sister took me to Beauty and the Beast with her.  There were even roses on our seats when we got there. Smile So very fun!!