Sunday, April 30, 2006

Graduation Time!

Darrell and myself. I think this picture makes me look really old...but that's probably just me. It isn't fair though..cause Darrell looks younger..shouldn't that be allowed for me too? :) I love my parents! I am so thankful for how wonderful they are, and how much they do for me! Me and My sister, Sheri! We are now both Snow College Alumni....I'm number 7 in my family...woot woot! Graduating Roommates! Janell, Sarah, and Kacey. We're so cute!

My Beautiful Roommates!

All six of us lovelies! By the Leaning tree...Kacey was having a hard time staying upon the tree. In front of the Snow College sign...Robyn, Janell, Kacey, Brittney, Sarah, and Susan! All of us inside the fountain of death upon campus! On the pillars of the Noyes Building. We're so cute!!

LD's = Best thing in my life!

Me and my coach! One of my greatest teachers and examples this past year at Snow. No battle. The Presidency....aren't we lovely? Darrell, Janell, Coach, Angela, and Wes! "They're still green. They headed north two hours ago!" Man..I surely love Michelle! Girls are beautiful...see here! This is us after night one of my last concert. Janell, Jamie, Megan, Talauna, Stacie, and Angela! Twinners always! Angela and I looked totally awesome with our matching hair-do's! She's amazing with that curly-majig!

Friday, April 14, 2006

Tour! Woot woot!

In memory of Norbert, the bucking dinosaur of the Annabella Park. Annabelle, UT Such lovely people...I just really liked this picture! Yes, yes, we do look good. Thank you. What good lookin' boys! (8) I love life, life loves me (8) Whatever could've happened to my house? This is a tragic incidence! Where's Janell?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Weekend fun times.. I usually get mad when people take pictures of me sleeping, but this one was too good to resist not liking. My nephews attacked me on conference morning...and decided that my bed was comfortable. So, I went to the Cinderella Pageant in Richfield, watched Ashley win the talent title, and by some miracle, I noticed the beautiful Amanda Monsen standing there. (I LOVE THAT GIRL) We're just cute!