Sunday, July 31, 2011

Cropper Family Fun

We had a quick day at home to do laundry and sleep before heading to Midway with the Cropper family.  We had rented a lovely townhome up there for everyone to play and enjoy time with everyone.  We also had some mad minute-to-win-it action going on, as well as partying, playing games, fantastic dressing up/skit doing and just overall fun-time-having. :) We were also able to be there with Casey and Rachel as they blessed their beautiful little girl, Briella in Heber City.  It was a lot of fun, but I’m not gonna lie, it was nice to get home after almot 2 full weeks of being gone.  Thanks fam for such a great time!!

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Date With the Hubband

Since we stayed overnight in Richfield after the 4th, we decided to take advantage of my parents being able to watch the kids and headed off for a day to Capital Reef National Park which is just a little over an hour away from their house.  We had a picnic, did some sight-seeing, and did a lovely hike up to Hickman’s Bridge.  We apparently made it out in time too, since there were some awesome thunderstorms that arrived just as we were leaving the park.   Lovely day for us though!!! Love being able to spend some time with my husband without any worried, or screaming children. LOVE HIM!!!!

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4th of July!

Many people know that the 4th of July is my absolute favorite holiday next to Christmas. Not only do I have a huge patriotic heart, but I love my hometown, Richfield’s, celebration.  My siblings all feel the same, and our spouses all just bear with us every year. :)

A few of my friends from high school –Kacey, Kate, and Christie(couldn’t figure out how to bring the picture off facebook to here…) – started the day with me, along with my nephew, Nate, and my sis-in-law, Emily who were awesome enough to come run the 5K with me in the morning.  I finished with a time of 30:06, which was 4 or 5 minutes faster than last year on that same course.  Nate kept me going the whole way so that I didn’t walk. 343

Then after the 5K, we headed for the parade. One thing that was awesome this year was that the Air Force had some of their F-16 fighter jets fly over before the start.  So awesome. :)  Here’s our crew gearing up for the parade. Wahoo!

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Then it was off to the park for some fun, especially the Steven highlight, kids races :) And then the pool for swimming and money dive.

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Then we implemented some intense Rowley Family Minute-To-Win-It Action

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And ended the evening with Firecracker cupcakes and lovely fireworks.  Ah, I love the 4th. Hooray for America, and Thank You to all the wonderful Troops Who are Out Serving (Particularly the 222 National Guard unit whom a few of my friends have husbands currently serving! Love them!)

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