Sunday, July 29, 2007

Showers of Fun!

Darrell's mom and aunts threw me a shower this past weekend, and we were blessed to get a lot of wonderful stuff! We got a baby bath, a travel pack and play, a bouncer, and a lot of cool toys and books. It was so much fun! Grandma Rowley gave us cute Precious Moments bedding. It's Noah's Ark. Of course, in honor of our Girls Camps skit my fourth year...:) Another shot. Look at the cute stuffed animals we have so far! I love it!

Thursday, July 26, 2007

34 Weeks.. EEK!

So, here I am with six weeks left to go. Pretty scary. And sorry about the lovely was the only place I could find something high enough to take a picture with the self timer!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Welcome to the USU Trailor Park! #103

Welcome to the tour of our new home! We have moved up to the USU Trailor Court, and I love it! One of the fun things, if you can notice to the left of the door way is one of our 4 rose bushes! There is also a tomato plant hiding behind that rose bush. Enter door, look right,a nd you see our piano, table, and entrance to the kitchen. You also notice the amazing high chair which we saved from going to the dumpster yesterday, and will be fun for our baby! Also, my sewing maching on the table, which has already had much fun use! As you walk over to the piano, and turn around, this is what you see. Our couch, glider, and tree. Yay! Walk to the entrance of the kitchen, and you see our TV, bookshelf, and a box that still has yet to be unpacked. And my kitchen! This picture really doesn't do it justice...but I really do enjoy it! Don't you think it's pretty??

Trailor - Part 2

Next on our tour, we'll take you down the hallway. Sorry it's so dark, the wonderful rain clouds outside didn't help the lighting. Your first right when you enter the hallway, is the lighthouse themed bathroom. You can see the shower curtain reflected in my beautiful mirror. Door #2 on your right. Soon to be the baby's room . We are still getting stuff moved in, so you can just see the crib, changing table, folded up baby sleeper thing, and a tub that will one day be full of blankets, once I finish crocheting them. And the last doorway as you go, is our fun little bedroom! This is basically all there is to it. There are six drawers under the closets, so that's very nice. And sorry I couldn't get my pillow fort in the picture. I seriously sleep with six pillows every night. Ahhhh. I love being pregnant!

Monday, July 02, 2007

Ah, the summer heat and hair!

Sunday night, this is what my hair looked like... Ah, long pretty locks...hum..locks. Maybe Locks of Love would love my hair! :) Then comes Monday morning...

Snipping Time

We decided to cut two ponytails, to help the thickness factor. Here is the chopping of the first half. Snip, snip, snip, etc. The difference.. GASP! Now for ponytail number two.... And Walaa! We have little hair!

And then..

Right after the cut. Ah, fer funness! Now for some real fun!
Here is the finished/styled product! And the old hair. Ah, tender!
Here it is after a couple hours of settling. I am loving it!

Sunday, July 01, 2007

30 and a half weeks!

Here is what you all want! Here I am at 30 weeks and 4 days. Only like nine and a half weeks left! But yes, it's sure fun!

Shower of Fun! :)

Some girls in our ward threw a dual baby shower for myself and another girl in my ward last week. It was way fun! As you can tell, teething toys are my favorite. Courtney Raines and I. The two September expectant sisters in my ward. I am due Sept. 5, and having a boy, because I'm cool like that. Courtney is due Sept. 18, and they are having a girl. How exciting! Opening presents. The best part...I to the delicious cheesecake square refreshments. Katie Richards and Amber Anderson. They were the official shower photographers. They are also two of my favorite girls in my ward!