Sunday, September 12, 2010

Some more catch up :) August, Darrell’s birthday, BYU season opener, and Labor Day Weekend

Even if you don’t want to do read this massive post, skip ahead to the post about Steven’s birthday. It was awesome :)

Anyway, the month of August was busy and fun!! We started out the month by going to Logan for our niece’s, Claire’s, blessing. I didn’t get many pictures, but she was adorable, and it was fun to lots of family! We did get to go swimming at the hotel with cousins, and Lillie got her first taste of ice cream.  Aggie Blue Mint. Yes, I waited till she could have the BEST stuff to experience her first ice cream :)


The second week of August, I was going to go full force with potty training, but after realizing Steven really is not ready, I had a random thought to instead FINALLY get Steven to give up his binky.  It was so much easier than I ever expected, and I wondered why I didn’t do it earlier.  Oh well. I didn’t and that’s that.  He, in turn, switched his binky for three new cars: Sheriff, Mater chewing bubble gum, and Doc Hudson.  This first picture he is saying “I don’t need binky anymooooooore!” Then I had to add the pictures of his cars and brag, because Steven took them all by himself.

DSCF5169 DSCF5191 DSCF5206 DSCF5212

Lillie turned 7 months old in August! She is so darn cute. 

DSCF5221 DSCF5235 DSCF5241

My handsome husband brought me beautiful flowers for our anniversary. We also went to The Lion King in Salt Lake at the Capitol Theatre. It was amazing, but my computer won’t load the picture. Grumble grumble. DSCF5290

I ran my third 5K of the summer for the Wasatch Mental Health Wellness Run.  My sister works for Wasatch, so I was supporting her, and thought finishing off my summer with a 5K would be fun.  Running really has been a hard thing for me, and to run the whole thing was a big accomplishment for me. I ran the race in 33:09. It was so exciting for me to reach that goal of running an entire 5K, and I somehow don’t miss the 15 pounds I lost while training all summer.

DSCF5291 DSCF5292

Darrell’s brother Bryan and his wife,Kristy, came to Utah to bless their new baby, Savannah.  She is 2 months old, but still teeny tiny since she was only 3 lbs, 11 oz when she was born.  We’re so happy to have met her, seen family, and enjoy a beautiful day!  We love you guys! Steven even enjoyed “fishing” in the puddles after a beautiful rainstorm in Sugarhouse.

DSCF5294 DSCF5295 DSCF5298 DSCF5300 DSCF5302 

On August 31, I realized it was the last Tuesday in August for the $2 Tuesdays at Thanksgiving Point, so we headed to the Dinosaur Museum.  Steven was basically terrified of most everything, except the erosion table (best part of the whole thing), the baby elephant skeleton (shown below), and the sand box. We got him a 75 cent turtle at the gift shop, and he got free ice cream and my cone only cost a quarter.  For $3, it was a fabulous outing for us.

DSCF5322 DSCF5330 DSCF5336

Darrell turned the big 28 on September 2!  We didn’t get to celebrate much, cause he’s been working a lot, but he got some new shoes, a new trimmer, a cheesecake for his birthday, and a great big kiss from his darling wife, and cute son.  Who could ask for more?


We headed to Richfield for Labor Day weekend to do corn and beans with my parents.  It’s a family tradition for my family, and we’ve been able to go every other year since we got married.  It was also the BYU season opener, so we were decked out in our BYU gear.  I attempted to take Steven’s picture in his new jersey, but he only half-cooperated.  I still got a good one though :)

 DSCF5347 DSCF5359 DSCF5361 DSCF5363 DSCF5365 DSCF5366 DSCF5367 DSCF5370

My angel nephew, Parker, was stillborn 6 years ago on September 4, 2004, and is buried in Richfield. For the full story, and to read some of Jenny’s thoughts, you’re welcome to visit HERE.  Anyway, Daniel and Jenny came up with their cute little family to celebrate.  They just had darling twins, Ava and Wyatt as well, and we enjoyed time with them :) I only got pictures of Wyatt, but he’s the one I got to snuggle with at 3:30 a.m. and we’re buds now :) I’ll get pictures of darling Ava next time!

 DSCF5373 DSCF5377 DSCF5378

And on Sunday of Labor Day weekend, we went to Fishlake for church.   My mom is in an awesome choir, Aspen Heart, that does the Sunday School program every Labor Day at the Fishlake branch, so we got to enjoy that.  After church, we took Steven to throw rocks in the lake. It was super windy, so I think he maybe threw two rocks before was all done :)


Happy Blogging Everyone!

Steven’s Birthday Party



We had a birthday party for Steven on his birthday. He was definitely excited to have some friends and family come for cake and ice cream! We first decided to freeze everyone out by opening presents outside, then were nice and let them eat cake and ice cream in the house.  Steven got lots of presents, and has had a blast playing with everything!  He was really excited about a Dinosaur birthday cake, even if it didn’t turn out as awesome as mommy thought it should :)

DSCF5422DSCF5449   DSCF5425 DSCF5435 DSCF5437 DSCF5442

Happy Birthday Steven!!!


I cannot believe Steven turned 3 years old on Friday!! He has definitely been looking forward to it being his birthday, and just kept asking me “Is today my birthday?”  It proved to be a fabulous day!

Some random and fun things about Steven:

  • He loves to sing and dance around the house constantly
  • He just told me his favorite song is “I am a Child of God”
  • Lately, in his singing and dancing, every song ends in “On we go to vanquish the foe for Alma Mater’s sons and daughters” (Part of the BYU fight song)
  • He can almost sing the entire BYU fight song by himself when he wants to
  • After taking him to his 15-year old cousins football game, he likes to watch imaginary football games where he sits and cheers “GO JEFF” all the time
  • He absolutely loves cereal, particularly Raisin Bran and Life
  • He is obsessed with cars, trains, and taking toys away from his sister
  • Despite always taking toys away, he loves to play with his little sister
  • He absolutely loves WordWorld (PBS kids show)
  • After watching any show in the morning, the rest of the day is usually spent re-enacting the entire cartoon.  We’ve gone elephant hunting, saved Rocket from Little Einsteins and built plenty of words this week
  • He thinks it’s funny to ask you where our food is when we’re done eating.  When you say, “Where did it go?” and he chuckles and says, “It’s in your belly!”
  • He has a little stick with a ball on it, and when he finds it, it becomes a baton and he begins directing the alphabet
  • Every day when Darrell gets home from work, Steven runs to him and says, “How was work, dad?” It’s definitely cute
  • When Darrell has to work late, and Steven has to go to bed, he gets concerned about his daddy, and says, “Daddy’s tired. He needs his blanket, pillow, and bed to go to sleep at work.” I assure him that Daddy gets to come home and sleep

We love you Steven! Thanks for making life exciting. You’re such a wonderful kid!!