Saturday, October 08, 2011

Love Your Body!

A year and a half ago, I never would have considered myself as a “runner.”  I did, however, have a goal to do the Race for the Cure 5K in celebration of my mom, who is a cancer survivor.  As I finished that race in May of 2010, I knew I was hooked on this sport.  A year and a half and seven 5K’s later, today I was able to run my first 10K!  Never EVER thought I could run one mile, let alone 6!  My friends, Nicole and Amber, were able to run the Wasatch Woman 10K with me this morning at Thanksgiving Point. 

Nicole and I tried to look like we were shivering in this picture so we could remember how rainy and cold it was when we first got there. :)DSCN1822


The weather was cold, but it started to warm up as we got ready to start the race.   Nicole was nice enough to keep running with me and motivate me.  As we hit mile 1, I was feeling great and knew this was going to be a great race!  At about mile 4.5 I got my second wind, and we were almost to the home stretch by then.  We did walk for about 30 seconds about 4.75 miles in, so that we could grab a drink, but it was quick and we were able to keep going.  The last stretch was awesome, and it was so fun to sprint across the finish line with a time of 1:08:15.  Nicole came in a whole second behind me at 1:08:16. :) ( and Amber was like 1:05 or something.  Fast and awesome. :)) I was secretly hoping for an hour and ten minutes, so it was fun to beat that.  Darrell and kids came as well, and that meant a lot.  Even if they did walk up literally 2-3 minutes after I finished the race :)  So, overall I loved this race!  I will probably not make 10K’s a frequent thing, but I will definitely try to finish off each summer that I can with this race to cap off this accomplishment that represents the completion of many goals! 

  DSCN1826 DSCN1824

Birthday Week

Last week was my birthday! I do absolutely love birthdays, but having 3 in a month takes up all of my creativity :)  Anyway, it was a fabulous day, and it’s nice to finally reach the ripe old age of 25. :)  When I got home from aerobics, Steven came downstairs and was very perplexed that he had not yet wished me a happy birthday.  It was 7 a.m., so he was really cutting it close. :) I went visiting teaching in the morning at the park with my good friends, and sneaky Genesis found out I was going to go buy a Red Velvet cake.  Then, she went and bought me one before I could get to the store.  So Sneaky! But seriously, it meant so much that somebody actually wanted to do something like that for me.  I loved it, and of course it was delicious!
I enjoyed a wonderful evening with my fabulous family going to dinner. My favorite part was Steven’s insistence to sing Happy Birthday every time Darrell mentioned it was my birthday. :)


Later in the week we enjoyed a lovely day at Farm Country riding carriages and Lillie rode a pony. :)



Lastly, Lillie has been obsessed with Temples recently, so I took the kids to the Temple to get pictures to print and put in their rooms.  They had a fun time running around!
 DSCN1797 DSCN1807 DSCN1813