Monday, April 22, 2013

The Happenings

Easter Egg Hunts with Cousins
Matchy BYU DayIMG_1584
Awesome Style

Crafting away

Clothes from China

Hanging out in our Jammies


Easter Pictures

I took the kids to the temple again this year to take their Easter pictures.  It never fails to be cold when we go, but we still had fun! Smile

My great helper and learner!

I can’t believe how big this handsome little guy is getting!  He makes each day exciting and fun, and he loves to make any baby smile, but most especially, his baby brother.  He reads me simple sight word books, and has a very vivid imagination.  This past week he informed me that he prayed that I would have twins, so he knows it’s going to happen.  He has not forgotten that he prayed for a brother and got one.  I had to remind him he had to wait a  year and a half before he got brother, and he might have to wait longer for those twins. Smile  We’ll see what the Lord really has in store for our family. IMG_1712


Little Lillie Lou

Lillie is bound to give me patience, gray hairs, and lots of extra love in my heart. When she wants to be cute, she’s as cute as cute can be.  She also helps me dig deep and and search for the positive in some days.  Despite being a big challenge sometime, I love her so very much!  She is starting to love princesses, and is so sweet with her baby dolls.  She also got her first big haircut lately, and it suits her perfectly!IMG_1790IMG_1801IMG_1830IMG_1847IMG_1863IMG_1885

4 months, almost 5!

This little man just keeps growing so fast!!  He is now 4 months, but getting closer to 5
He love to jabber, play with rattles and keys, smile, and if I’m tricky, I can get him to laugh. And, he got his first haircut a on March 21.IMG_1866IMG_1589IMG_1606IMG_1623IMG_1655

Week 12–A picture of something you love


Picture found here

I absolutely love rain! I love the smell. I love the feel. 
I especially love rain in the summer when I can be out in it and just enjoy it and not freeze.