Thursday, December 29, 2005

New Things!

So, over the Christmas break, I was given a wonderful present! I got to go ice skating!! It was so much fun. Darrell's niece, Emily, and I had never gone before, so here we are ready to hit the ice! Yes!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

My family!

The Rowley Boys reciting something at This is the Place Heritage Park. So much fun! My neices and nephews! Aren't they adorable? Pretty sure they're some of the cutest things ever! My brother, Trent, and a few of my neices and nephews (and others) feeding the cute little lambies. My five brothers, my parents, my sister and I at our most recent Thanksgiving outing. (2005) All 26 lovely Rowley's on Thanksgiving 2005!

Just a piano player!

So, if there's one thing I definitely love, it's to play the piano. My choir director once said, "Janell, once people find out you can play the piano, it's all you're good for." I guess it's good to be good for something! These are just a few of the times I've been able to perform.

I love to travel!

So traveling is something my family has done over many summers in my life, and I've become very fond of it! Here you can play the matching game by guessing where these pictures were taken. (A) Williamsburg, Virginia (B) Nauvoo, Illinois (C) Niagra Falls, NY (D) Carthage, Illinois (D) Montreal, Canada


So, once upon a time, Janell had a puppy, and she named him Dover. Actually someone left this cute little thing for dead in my dad's truck, and I saved his life. Seriously, I wasn't sure why the dog loved me so much, but he actually kind of grew on me. I only had him for about 3 weeks, because I was too busy to take care of a dog. He was cute!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Performing Maniacs! (THE LD SINGERS!)

Like a Bridge Over Troubled Water, I will lay me down! Nice Singers face Janell!

Super Hott Wildcats

Spitty and Smelly! (and Josh's hand...)

Susie 2!

My alto twin, Susie and me!

Your face!

Angela, Justin, and myself. Proof that the LD Singers all have very attractive anatomy!


Hilary Bradford is such an awesome person! What shall I ever do without her in LD's?