Saturday, October 04, 2008

Mission Reunion and General Conference

Last night we got to go to my Australia Melbourne Mission Reunion in Park City.  It sure was great to see so many missionaries that I served with.  None of my companions were able to make it, but maybe I'll see them in 2 years at the next one.  We did have a great time visiting with others.  President Overton had a cake made referencing a great quote most of the missionaries had memorized from Australia:  "Good, Better, Best. . .Never let it rest until good is better. . . and better is best."  I love that quote.  
General Conference started out great.  I just wanted to touch on a few highlights that were impactful to me from the Saturday morning session.  Hearing about five new temples is certainly Awesome!  I also noticed that President Monson referred to a time when President Kimball had members of the Church pray that the gospel could be opened to areas where it previously not available.  He noted that miracles happened and the gospel was opened to many areas of the world.  President Monson likewise invited us to pray for more areas of the world to be opened to the gospel.  He said, "I urge you to pray for the opening of those areas that we might share with them the joy of the gospel." He said that as we Pray in faith, those miracles will happen again and the gospel will be opened in more areas.  I know that this will happen if we as a church do pray in faith for the gospel to move forward to more areas of the world!
Elder L Tom Perry said that we need to live within our means.  He said that well managed families don't pay interest.  They earn it.  I love that advice!  It blesses lives when we live within our means and let interest work for us instead of against us.  
I loved how Elder Oaks talked about the power of preparing for the Sacrament.  I can sure do better at this one.
Steven woke up during Elder Ucktdorf's talk, but I still heard enough of the talk to feel the power of hope in our lives.  Hope is an abiding trust in the Lord.  It is combined with Faith as we expect that prayer will be answered by the Lord.  
I look forward to hearing more profound words that are consistant with what has been shared before at general conference and what will continue to be shared in the future.  The gospel of Jesus Christ is True!


Jenny said...

The mission reunion looks like fun! Daniel really should go to one of his.

I loved hearing about the talks you enjoyed.

Kristen Weller said...

So at least at your reunion all the missionaries speak English so your wife doesn't have to wonder what you are saying about her! That is how it is at Steve's reunions.