Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A few things I need to catch up on..

A couple weeks ago, we went up AF Canyon and had a picnic for FHE. The leaves weren't quite amazing yet, but I still was impressed with the pictures my camera was able to produce. Maybe it knows I want to replace it :) Darrell brought his trumpet home after we went to his parents for Conference weekend. Steven thinks it's pretty awesome, and loves to help push the buttons. Darrell got a banana chair for his birthday. At first, when we put Steven in it, he wasn't so sure how he liked it. However, now it's one of his favorite things. He'll climb up in it, kick back, and just relax as I rock the chair for him. However, in this picture, he wants the camera. He always wants the camera.


Sarah said...

Thom used to play the trumpet too. Maybe we should find it to show to Andrew.

LauraBro said...

Steven is SOOOO handsome! what a cute kid! I cant believe you have a 1 year old! how fun--he's such a big boy combing his hair--how cute! we wish we saw you guys before me moved to ID--hope all is going well! also i loved your comments on general conferance--they touched me--thank you for sharing your testimony!