Friday, October 31, 2008

Time Flies - Haircut #7

So, I sometimes can't believe how much hair Steven has. When he was a newborn, I imagined giving him his first hair cut on his first birthday...boy was i wrong. Despite him losing practically all his hair by two months, he's made up for it! This week after playing with his hair in the bath tub and realizing just how LONG it was, I decided it was time for another haircut, as you read, haircut #7 for this kid (I'll stop counting them sometime. I'm sentimental).
Anyway, here is a before picture... Check out this length! Awesome super long mohak!
Crazy hair!
And afterwards. It's actually slightly shorter than I planned, but with a super wiggly one-year-old, you can only do so much. At least he's not bald, right?

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Brittany said...

haha. love it.