Sunday, September 28, 2008

A little bit o' life

I'm just in the mood to blog luckily I have a bunch of pictures for the occasion. On Saturday, we went out to lunch for birthdays, i guess you could say, since Darrell, Steven, and I all had our birthdays this month. We went to Tucano's with my sister, Sheri, and Grandma and Grandpa Cropper. (darrell's parents). So, this first picture is Steven playing in the water with Aunt Sheri after we gorged ourselves full! Our cute lil' family Steven dancing with dad Aunt Sheri gave Steven an awesome BYU Shirt for his birthday. Now he and dad can match! Go cougars! (now ranked #8, wahoo!) Steven does the cheer. I will try to get it on a video for all to see. It's definitely SOO cute! Sheri sharing some raspberry lemonade at Tucano's. Steven was a HUGE fan! Playing some more in the water
This video is from a month ago, but I just watched it again, and wanted to share it with you all!! Have a great day, and remember, you're never fully dressed without a smile!


Jenny said...

I loved all the pics! Steven's face is adorable in the picture of him dancing with Darrell. I love the BYU shirt, too. GO COUGARS! (if you lived closer, you could come over for BYU parties)

I also loved the pic of Steven playing in the water where you can see Darrell's dad in the background. What a proud little grandpa!

And the video was adorable. Good job, Steven!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday guys! We love September birthdays too. Andrew's is on the 4th and Lucy's is tomorrow. I loved the clip of Steven combing his hair. Andrew loves to brush his hair too - must be the age :)

Hannah said...

Whoa, you ARE quite the blogger! I read a bunch of your posts and they are awesome. You guys are such an adorable little family! It was fun to see Elder Cropper's FAMILY! Yay!

Jensen Family said...

Wow, all three b-days in one month? What a party! I love the video of Steven combing his hair :) Cute cute!