Saturday, September 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Darrell!

September at our house is birthday month, since 3/4 of the family birthdays fall in this month.  Last week we celebrated Darrell’s last birthday in the twenties. :)

Friday, the 2nd, was his birthday.  We had presents that evening, where he got some clothes and a game.  Our friends, the Anderson’s came over to play games and to enjoy homemade ice cream with us for the celebration.  On Saturday, Darrell and I went to lunch while the kids played at Grandma and Grandpa Cropper’s, after which we watched the BYU game.  The Cougs kept up their birthday streak for Darrell and pulled out the win. :) Go Cougs!! We sure love Darrell, and I hope that we made it a special fun weekend for him!!

And Thanks to Darrell’s parents and Zann and Amber for letting us watch the game at your places.


DSCN1701 DSCN1694 DSCN1700

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Brittany said...

HB Darrell!