Saturday, August 27, 2011

Ready to Run!

I sure love me some 5K races.  Especially when they are with good friends!  I was going to run a relay race today, but things just didn’t work out with that the way I originally hoped they would, so I started to look for a 5K race I could do. I found one, so my friends, Genesis, Nicole, and Amber were gracious enough to come run the Utah Runner Girls 5K in Alpine with me (and of course every single one of them beat me :)).   I haven’t been feeling the best this week on my nightly runs, so I was hoping I could still manage a good race.   Physically it was an awesome course, but for some reason I just didn’t have it in me mentally to do as well as I hoped.  It totally helped, however, that the time I was just about to start walking, Amber yelled at me from behind - “RUN JANELL!!”  It totally helped me finish the last mile of that race.  But that’s okay, gotta get some bad races out of my system, right?   I still finished in 31:41, and I hope I can get over this mental block in the next week or two to hopefully start training for a 10K in October. :)  Here are some pictures to document this fun event, because really, it was a lot of fun.



Here’s a picture of the four of us before the race – Gen, Me, Amber and Nicole.  Gen is an animal , who is also 25-weeks pregnant with a baby girl, whom she is going to name after me. Okay, she’s really not going to name her after me, but I wanted to make sure y’all were reading.  :) But I am so excited to meet her baby girl in December!


Gen and I after the race


Amber and I after the race.  So glad I could start and finish with her!!



gabegen said...

You ran so well Janell, I wouldn't have guessed you weren't physically feeling well lately.

This isn't the last race I get to run with you, Amber and Nicole, it was too much fun to be the last!

For this 10k coming up, I'll be the one racing to catch up with you :)

Oh and I laughed when you said I'm naming this little girl after you, haha, you funny.

K-Krew said...

Way to go! Seriously impressed! Congratulations on your anniversay.

Brittany said...

smelly, you look SO good. You're so cool.

Justin ~ Nicole said...

That was such a fun race!! I'm glad I could run w/ you guys! You did amazing, I thought it was a tougher course than most. Let's train for the 10K!!!

Christie said...

uh Janell... I would have been ecstatic with that time... but it's ok, you're amazing!

Rachel said...

now there is a coupe of awesome gals! Go Amber and Janell; love you guys!