Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Be What's Needed"

As mentioned in the previous post, I'm really excited to be singing in the General Relief Society Meeting this weekend. The last few weeks of rehearsals have been simply amazing. As I before mentioned, we have the most amazing director, Emily Wadley. Darrell is probably sick of me talking about how inspiring she is. But she definitely is somebody I want to become like someday. It's apparent she has an immense love for the gospel, everyone around her, and Church History. Something she spoke of our first rehearsal, and has reiterated every week, is the importance to "Be What's Needed." We all have so many different talents, and the Lord uses those talents to help unify His people (Or in our case, the choir). However, for the unity to happen, we have to be willing to be humble, obedient, and teachable to "be what's needed." Whether we see it at the beginning or not, the Lord knows what we need, and will make things happen the way they are supposed to.
Last night as were were discussing the words to "The Morning Breaks" I was taken back into memory the times I've felt an immense sense of peace or joy that has come from the knowledge that the gospel it true. My mind flashed back to to sitting in the Sacred Grove in Palmyra, New York at the peaceful beauty that surrounded me as the sun peeked through the trees. I went back to the humble testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith that swelled in my heart as I touched the banister walking up the stairs in the Carthage Jail. To sitting in front of the Nauvoo Temple watching the sun set over the Mississippi River with the silhouette of the statues of Hyrum and Joseph. To receiving my endowments in the Manti, LDS Temple. To the days my children were born. To the times when my children are just sweet and loving.
As my mind reflected on these many memories, I knew I needed to remember and learn from these experiences, just as I learn from the history of faithful Latter-Day Saint Women both in the early days of the church and now. It was also a spiritual battery recharge I've been needing for a while.
So, although I'm going to miss singing with this amazing choir and learning weekly from Sister Wadley, I'm thankful the Lord needed me there. I originally thought it was merely an answer to my longing to sing in a choir again, but clearly I needed more than that, and I hope to daily keep that spirit of remembrance in my heart.

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Cathy said...

What a great post, Janell. I want to go to Palmyra and Nauvoo some day. We saw you in the choir. It was beautiful and so inspiring. I'm glad you got to be a part of it.