Sunday, September 18, 2011

The need to journal more

This cute little lady, Emily, is our choir director for the choir singing at the General Relief Society Conference this year. She's such an amazing woman, and I feel like I know her so well, even though I've only spent a few hours the last month being directed by her. Tonight she talked about how we need to write down all the experiences that we're having to help us learn and grow in life. I found this quote on her blog tonight, and I would like to share it with you.
"Oh there's a lot to say. A lot to remember. A lot to forget. A lot to keep to yourself. A lot to hang on to and a lot to let go of. Sweet moments. Ugly thoughts. Revelation. Pure emotion. Swings, diapers, salad, cereal. Indian, PB, popcorn, apples, did I say cereal? Flying, typing, talking, earning. Headphones, car stereo, ipod. Babies, kids, heartache, victories. Soccer games, concerts, car rides, door slams, dirty floor, laughter. Harmony, kindergarten, colors. Pancakes, lullabyes. Singing, yelling, crying, whispering, kissing, holding, grasping, reaching, wanting, trying, hoping, accepting. Dancing, cleaning, walking, going. Corners, hills. Forgiving. Loving. Sleeping. Yep, that's some of the living. Remember? Remember how I've been living all this time?"
I hope to be able to do better and recording all the things happening in my life, because these times will never be here again. I know that the Lord is watching over me always, but I want to reflect on everything, all the time. Here's to a new day and a better job remembering to journal for me!


Janene said...

So, does that mean I should look for you in the choir at the RS Broadcast?

Brittany said...

you're so great :)

*Lauren* said...

Keep at it! It is so nice to look back....even on the bad stuff. Because when you even look at that you realize what a little dent it made and it didn't break you. You children will LOVE that you did it too. They'll be curious one day and treasure all your words :)

Rachel said...

I am excited to watch for you! I wanted to be there in person, however feel impressed to go with our stake this year and watch the broadcast instead.. have so much fun!!!