Thursday, February 28, 2013

Legacy worthy grandma

Saturday we went to Deseret for the funeral of my Grandma Rowley’s husband – Homer.  Grandma married Homer almost 12 years ago, and although I didn’t ever really get to know him, I enjoyed any time we got to go visit them.  I was grateful we could go to the funeral to be there for my grandma.  It was neat to learn a lot more about Homer through his life sketch, and through hearing his grandchildren speak.

My Grandma is such an amazing woman.  I know it’s because of her that my dad has such an ingrained love and dedication to education, and that has passed onto me through them.   Grandma also is very into family history, and always willing to help others.

As Darrell was talking to her, she mentioned that she’s now seen 2 husbands pass away, and that’s enough for her.  I don’t blame her.  She’s such a strong woman, though, and is doing amazing for being 90! I’m also glad she got to meet Jonathan for the first time.


After driving to Oasis to see the old Farm, we totally noticed we were driving on Cropper Lane, so of course took a picture. Smile



Petrice and Caleb Rose said...

Love the cropper lane pic! Your cute grandma is so little. i wouldn't have ever guessed that since your dad is so tall :).

Brittany DeFreese said...

i love your hair!