Thursday, February 28, 2013

I blinked…

I can’t believe our little Jonny Boy is 3 months old already!!  He is such a joy in our home, and has the biggest smile.   He loves to play with his hands and his best smiles always come out when his siblings talk to him.  I got a laugh out of him on Tuesday, and I can tell he is going to join his siblings in the cutest laughter anyone has ever heard! 

For the record, he has the craziest hair ever!  He has a ton on top and on the right side, but hardly any hair on the left side of his head. And don’t worry, he lays on the right side, so it now getting a bald spot in the middle of the hair he actually has.  Gotta love it!



Joanne said...

What a cute boy! I just want to squeeze him!

Brittany DeFreese said...

he is so cute, smelly!! i wanna hold his little hands and kiss his cheeks!