Saturday, January 05, 2013

The silent hero around these parts

The reason I have any emotional stability these days is thanks to my amazing husband, Darrell.  I realized I haven’t given him enough of a shout out lately, but truly, he’s done so so very much for me and our family.  I can’t even count how many blessings he gave me before, during, and after my pregnancy to help me feel the love of my Heavenly Father and feel comfort and strength. It was through a blessing early on before I got pregnant that I knew everything would be alright during my pregnancy, and despite a lot of fears and doubts that I had, I just needed to have faith instead of fears.


Darrell is also the reason I was able to handle my labor like I did.  He did everything he could to comfort me, and his soft, simple hand and foot massages helped me find my “happy spot” of concentration and find strength.


And of course, I’ve mentioned many times this has been a hard emotional recovery for me.  And those times I just need to cry to feel better, he lets me cry and hugs me while I do it.  I can’t help but love this man of mine.  I’m very very blessed.IMG_0196IMG_0242IMG_0245DSC_6128 (2)


Brittany DeFreese said...

how sweet :)

McKenzey said...

Hey there! I can relate. I just had my third child too. You have such a good looking family. Loves! McKenzey (Watts) Schafer