Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Turning into a big girl

Lately, Lillie has been asking for a bed.  I always thought I’d keep her in a crib till I had to kick her out to bed, but obviously she had different plans.  I gave in, and so far it’s an alright change.  She have never rolled out, but getting her to go to bed isn’t the most fun.  She screams and cries and falls asleep next to her door.  But, we always put her in the bed 10-15 minutes after she falls asleep, and she sleeps fine all night.  I guess it’s not terrible, because the other day after her nap she said, “Thank you bed.”  One day she’ll go to bed like an angel.  Until then, I just have to remind myself how cute she is. Smile


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nateandmel said...

Wow! No way am I moving Lucas anytime soon!