Friday, January 13, 2012

Happy Birthday Lillie!!

I seriously cannot believe it has been 2 years already since this princess joined our family!P1010128



Her spunky, fun personality is really so much fun.  She is also really stubborn, which sometimes wears the patience down, but we still love her as much as can be!

Some things about Lillie:

She loves almost any food that involves rice.  Especially if we have stroganoff or chicken sauce with it

Her nickname is “Little Miss Repeat” because she is always saying whatever she hears, and talks all the time. I’d make a list of words, but there are too many.  Some of my favorites that she says though are “Awesome!” “Applesauce” and “Thank you mommy!”

I love that she’s really starting to communicate and will let us know what she thinks, with phrases like “Steven! Stop shouting!”

She loves to play with Steven, and I think she enjoys pestering him as well.  Must be a little sister thing Smile

She loves playing with friends, and her memory is incredible.  My friend came over the other day, and Lillie smiled and said, “Micah’s mom!” She’s good at connecting people and remember correct names for people.

She sleeps in a big girl bed

She’s well on her way to being potty trained and this week has gone potty several times, and even went poopy yesterday morning.  All her idea. I’m definitely open to following her timeline since I wasn’t expecting this this soon.

She absolutely loved her birthday!  When she first woke up and I wished her a happy birthday, she kind of looked like she didn’t care.  However, after Steven was excited for her all morning, her friends were excited for her, and we blew up lots of balloons, she totally caught on.  Then when she saw her cake, her first word was “AWESOME!”  Then she just would get so excited when she saw it and would say, “BIRTHDAY!”  We had a fun party with Grandma’s and Grandpa’s and my sister.  She got very spoiled and absolutely LOVED everything she got (Which was a relief since she didn’t like a thing we got her for Christmas).  I’ll leave you with some pictures first of the dress I made her for her birthday, and then of my pride and joy of the day (Her cake) and some fun party pictures. Smile




Missy said...

The dress looks fabulous and the cake is amazing! I wish I had your cake skills. She sounds like she's got a lot of spunk. Happy Birthday Lillie!

Brittany said...

happy birthday, lillie!! i LOVE that dress!!

Justin ~ Nicole said...

What a fun birthday. I love the dress you made and and the skirt she had on, so cute!!

Janet said...

Very, very cute cake! You did a great job on the cake and the dress! I can't believe she's two either!