Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Because things are for getting into?

My kids love to do what probably every other child loves to do. That is, empty out all the cupboard and play with the pots, pans, and other fun things. Every time Steven empties out the cupboards, Lillie loves to sit in pans. And Steven loves to pull her around. :) It's a lot of fun. And for some reason, my computer won't let me change the order of these pictures, so you get a modge podge of everything in random order.
Ready for BYU basketball (This is an older picture...yes...)
And this last video is for memory sake really. Lillie has the cutest car noise, and I want to preserve it forever. :) Enjoy!


*Lauren* said...

That is the cutest car noise! :) Such a girl!!

Petrice Caleb Rose said...

OH MY WORD! Even Gabe loved the car noise. Such cute kids :)

Nathan and Justine said...

Your kids are absolutely adorable! I love the pics of Lillie in the pans, and I can just imagine them running around the house! :) So cute!

The Ostlers said...

Isn't awesome how kids favorite things to play with are things just around your house? Lillie's car noise reminds me of my dentist's drill...but it is still adorable :)