Wednesday, March 23, 2011

No TV = More fun :)

Lately, I feel like Steven is always begging me to watch a show.  It’s great to put one on for him when I take a shower and make dinner, but other times it drives me nuts how much he wants to watch it.  However, I feel we’ve been doing a lot better at keeping the TV off more, and having more fun around here. Some of those things include painting, building with Steven’s fun blocks, cars, and dumping toys out everywhere of course. :)


Steven covered his hands in paint yesterday and just started clapping like crazy.  This created a really cool splatter effect on the paper. And the wall. And Steven. and Lillie.  Such fun. :) Luckily it cleaned up super easy, and Steven is still proud of himself.

DSCN0093 DSCN0094DSCN0102


Steven’s Trio Blocks are pretty awesome, and he brought this to me and said, “Look at my vaccum.” Impressive buddy. Seriously. :)DSCN0105

And a classic picture of Steven being obsessed with Lillie’s toys since they are the most new in the house. :)



Brittany said...

how fun!!

Tiffany said...

Sometimes you describe my life!!! I go through no TV spurts to remind both Logan and I that we can have fun in other ways. He seems to love the girls toys more than his own at times :)

Joe and Rachelle said...

Cute pictures! You are such a fun mom!

Petrice Caleb Rose said...

Way to go you good momma! Love the pics

LauraBro said...

my kids are super cranky if they start with tv (or any for that matter) mostly we don't watch it--however our baby got rsv abotu a month ago (we are better and catching up now :) and they have been watching too many's warming up and I want to pull the plug again--seems like one we stop watching it for awhile they find other things to do and don't miss it at all.
Hey do you guys live here? we are in Lehi- I recall you guys are close maybe? we should get together for a playgroup or an fhe or something !