Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy New Year!

Yeah, so this post is a little late. Who cares, right?  :)  I was just sitting and reflecting on what a great start 2011 has had so far!  Mostly for journaling purposes, I want to reflect on what the first three weeks has brought to me.
Of course, as the new year rolled in, I set my resolutions, which included the generic ones:

  • Get to the ideal weight for my height
  • Read the scriptures 30 minutes a day
  • Become a more patient mommy
  • Be a more optimist mommy and wife
  • Take time for myself
  • Exercise 5 days a week
  • Make it the temple once a month

But really, with the generic, basic goals, it’s been an amazing year so far, and I’m already more positive about life! 
I’ve been going to a killer aerobics class in the mornings with ladies in my ward, and it’s so fun!  I’m starting to feel more buff, and despite the stupid scale telling me I’ve gained 3-4 pounds (I’ll blame weaning and muscle building), I’ve lost inches and am starting to fit into my “skinny” pants more comfortably. And Darrell asked me if I’d lost weight.  We’ll skip the actual stupid scale results here, smile and thank the husband.
I went to Bunko about a month ago -(which had the most AMAZING fondue bar I’d ever experienced, but that’s another story)- but my prize there was a gift certificate to get a hair cut and a manicure.  I’m now now longer sporting split ends, and I’m trying out the side-swept bangs look.  It’s taken some getting used to, but still fun.
That was one up on getting an excuse to take time for myself. 
The same week I got my hair cut and my hands pampered, I hemmed some pants for my neighbor, who just so happens to own the Toe Chateau, where she does foot stuff (i.e. pedicures).  For hemming the pants, Jenni then gave me a pedicure!  Cue feet feeling ready for a new year.
Then, today I went to the dentist.  As fun as that sounds, I was cavity free, and now my mouth is ready for a new year!
Another random thing; I took my wedding ring in for it’s annual cleaning and re-rhodiumed (Whatever that is). Anyway, my ring now looks brand new again, and is also (you guessed it) ready for a new year!
With time for myself, I’m hoping to take a cake decorating class, experience zumba and/or spinning, and I have three 5K’s on my list for the year, possibly even a half marathon.

The scripture reading goal has also, so far, been successful. I’m feeling the Lord carry me through the stressful, ornery times of the day, and I feel more like somebody that I’d want to hang out with.  I also feel the He is helping me see the sunshine a little bit brighter on the plain old great days. 
Darrell and I were able to start off the year with a date to the temple, and it was an amazing session of just feeling peace and knowing that my Heavenly Father is aware of me, and knows I’m trying my best each day.

Now, to look to the rest of the year!! The GMAT is a “maybe” on Darrell’s list for the year, so I’m going to support him and help him in whatever he needs to do for that.  Also a new (to us) minivan purchase is on the horizon.  So exciting!  Hopefully we’ll throw some exciting vacations and/or outings with the family to toss some extra fun into the mix.



Petrice Caleb Rose said...

This is a very uplifting post, thank you for sharing. It definitely motivates me to keep up on what I resolved to do this new year. Agreed, it's been pretty great so far :)

Rachel said...

i agree, you are off to a great year!

Misty said...

Sounds like you are off to a great start! I love that. I need to make a lot of those same goals and stick to them. Way to go!!