Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Christmas

We always try to get together with our families over the holidays.  This year on Christmas we headed to Richfield to party with my family.  I just took a few pictures to show how much fun 39 people have when a reason to party occurs :)

DSCF6143 DSCF6144 DSCF6145


Steven and his “Best buddy” Tait

 DSCF6147 DSCF6154

Lillie was getting into everything, so Darrell put her in this box.  It proved to be very exciting :)

DSCF6158 DSCF6163

We also had a delightful New Years Eve dinner with my fam, and a wonderful New Years Day with Darrell’s family.  I’m a little sad to be done with the holidays.  They were so much fun with my kids.  At least we have all the loot to keep us entertained for a while :)


Rachel said...

i love that idea! i gues it worked for her too! miss you guys and glad to see you had a great month! I am sad to see the season go as well...

Cathy said...

Baby in a box! Your hubby is a genius! We put Danny in a storage ottoman once when we were on vacation. He didn't know how to sit up all by himself and I was worried he'd tip over on the hardwood floors. Sometimes you just gotta do what you gotta do!

Em said...

Wow, the Rowley family is getting bigger each year. :) How fun to get together with the whole fam, that makes for one crazy/fun day! :)