Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Happenings

Since my camera flash broke a monthish ago, I haven’t taken many pictures at all. (Obviously….)  It’s been a good month.  This gorgeous princess turned 13 months old last Sunday.


She has now just started standing up to things, but then cries because she can’t figure out how to sit back down

Her vocabulary mainly consists of “mom” “da"  “dr” (Drink) and “ba.”  Although, she has said “up” and “book” a few times.  She jabbers constantly, and seriously sometimes it sounds like she is saying “I want this” or “I want that.” She is definitely not quiet.

She’s figured out stairs, which has been kind of a fun adventure.

She absolutely loves her daddy, and loves to laugh.


Steven has been introduced to the amazing art of fort making.  He says fort like a hick, so it sounds like he says, “Let’s build a fart.”  We chuckle everytime.  We’ve had some good, bad, and ugly forts. :)  It’s a joyous occasion.


Also, I’ve been doing learning labs with Steven (Daily learning activities).  He is way into the letters of the alphabet, and can sound out most of the letters now.  Putting them together is a whole different story, but we don’t mind.

He has started asking “why?” after almost absolutely everything.  I knew this stage was coming, but am not sure I’m ready for it.

He also loves getting into trouble with Lillie.  The other day I came back downstairs after doing something only to discover that the two of them had unloaded a full container of wipes and a full box of tissues.  Joy. 

He just wins his way into my heart daily.  Yesterday it was raining, so he asked us why it was raining.  We told him that Heavenly Father decided that we needed rain that day, so he gave it to us.  He seemed satisfied with that answer.  Later in the day, we were out test driving mini-vans.   The sales-dude was sitting in the back seat behind Steven and Lillie who were in the middle seat.  Darrell was asking the sales-dude if the bad weather had made service slow for the day.  Sales-dude proceeded  to talk a little bit about it, and somewhat complained about the weather.  Steven was quick to reply to his complaint “Heavenly Father gave us the rain.” Yeah. Pretty sure that shut the sales-dude up pretty fast. :)


elise said...

I just laughed out loud at the 'fart' thing. You have such cute kids!

Christie said...

lol kids are such a joy! I love it! oh and WHY? lol had to just put that one in there! :)

*Lauren* said...

Cute!! Yeah, I love the fart thing too. It's mostly a Utah "crick" (Creek) haha! Your princess is ADORABLE!!! This age is pretty awesome

Justin ~ Nicole said...

OH my goodness we love forts here too! I think Lily looks like Stephen in that top picture, so cute

The Larchars said...

She is such a cutie! I can't believe how fast your kids are growing up!