Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Morning!

This year, for the first time with our little family, we had Christmas morning at our own house.  It was exciting to start this tradition, especially since it was our first Christmas in our house.  We had to wait forever for Darrell to wake up before we went down to see what Santa brought. But thankfully, it was worth the wait. :)

DSCF6106 DSCF6107 DSCF6108

Steven got tools from Santa, and was excited to get to work!


Lillie got Beads and a dolly.  She has always loved beads.


A yummy Christmas morning breakfast!


We all got BYU jammies for Christmas.  On Christmas Eve when Steven opened his pajamas, he disappointedly said, “it’s material.” and tossed them aside.  IT was hilarious.  We showed him they were actually pajama pants though.  As you can tell, he was thrilled about a picture.


Opening present.  Steven’s cousins gave him some Buzz Lightyear wings, which he LOVES! Lillie also got some great toys.

 DSCF6125 DSCF6128 DSCF6130 DSCF6131 DSCF6135

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Cathy said...

Ok, so you know that my kids are going to need some of those BYU jammies now, right? Maybe you could get started on them when you're done with Lillie's birthday stuff? I love having my own personal seamstress.:o)