Sunday, April 19, 2009

Jam-Packed Saturday

Saturday was a busy but fun day! Since I didn't get home until about Midnight on Friday, waking up at 6:30 was a little harder thn usual, but I was able to go up and help my brother's kids get ready for the Kids 1K part of the Salt Lake Marathon. They were walking in honor of my sis-in-law's amazing father who passed away recently from bladder cancer. I was glad I was able to help their family out a little bit!
I headed home to get ready to go back up to Salt Lake to go to Wicked! I wasn't originally planning on going, but my mom, dad, and sister have had season tickets that have ensured their seats for quite a while. I guess my dad had been debating over whether or not he really wanted to go, so a couple days ago, my mom presented me with a small offer that his ticket could be a graduation present, I jumped at the offer! THANKS SO MUCH DAD! :) (I know he, Darrell, and Steven had a fun boys day!) Not only did it let me get a chance to watch my favorite musical, but I also got to have a Mom's Day Off, which is something I've REALLY needed. I also got to spend time with family, which was nice. My couple of my sister's friends had tickets too, but one didn'ts, and wanted to go, so we went up a couple hours early to try to win $25 tickets that they do in the daily drawings. We also roped my nephews and brother into entering as well. As luck would have it, one of my nephews won 2 tickets! So it was really fun to have two of my fun nephews join us in the fun! The play was great, and it never gets old, for sure! And, I of course teared up here and there. Such a good story! Here are some fun pictures from my day!


Kristen Weller said...

Bah again! Excuse me whilst I go sulk in the corner over not being able to see Wicked.

Sarah K said...

Glad you had a fun mom's day off!

Rachel and Brian said...

you are very lucky!! I wanted to go sooo bad! And i love that you got a moms day off, you do good work and it was well deserved, your little guy is growing and learning so much from you!