Sunday, April 19, 2009

Beginning of a Long Weekend!

I am worn out today, but it's totally worth it! Staying up late having fun, driving late, having fun with friends and family...gotta love it! :) Friday we went to my Grandma and Grandpa's house, and Steven got to experience for the first time the Grandpa Horsey. He loved it then...I think he's still getting used to it though :) Then, Friday afternoon, my mom and my sister joined me on a trip to Ephraim to go watch my cousins that are in LD's! They did a great job, and it was a lot of fun. Steven absolutely LOVED the show! He was dancing, clapping, and having a blast. It was great.
Here is a picture of my cousin, as it's one of the only ones that really worked without a flash Seing friends is always a highlight for me! :)
Love the roomies! I always wanted to be a redhead...


Kristen Weller said...

Bah! You should have called and told me you would be here Friday! It would have been awesome to see you... Oh well.

The Busey Family said...

So I love the picture with grandpa Rowley. That is great!