Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! It's been a beautiful and relaxing day for us to reflect upon the blessings that are in our lives because of the Atonment and Resurrection. It's so amazing that the Lord has so much love for us, that He gave us the blessing to be able to live forever with our families! IT'S SO AWESOME!!
Anyway, I got Steven a classy outfit for Easter, and wanted to take him to the Temple Grounds to get pictures for Easter, and hopefully get some good ones, since I missed the 18 month mark. Needless to say, he just wanted to RUN RUN RUN! But, we tried to get some good ones.
Just strolling along... Having fun!
One of my favorites (One of the few I've gotten photoshoped as well)
LOVE LOVE LOVE this one! My boys are so handsome and wonderful!
Steven and daddy are buddies, of course
We couldn't ever get him to hold still where the light was not shining in his eyes, but we tried every chance we could to get a picture!
He's just such a funny kid
Having fun tromping through the grass
After we got home from the temple, we decided to try to get some more pictures in his outfit and with his Easter present - Ducky Bubbles, which he absolutely loved!
Steven loves to "rock rock rock" in the chair
Wouldn't look at mom, but is still cute!
This is his "I think I'm so funny" face
Steven figured out how to open the bubbles, and tried and tried to blow them himself


Christie said...

What a stud! Hey, we have those same bubbles! Lily sure liked them too! They are adorable pictures by the way, you're awesome!

Sarah K said...

Cute pictures - loved the b/w of Steven holding his daddy's hand.

Jonny and Angela said...

Love his little vest! Those are cute pictures!

The Busey Family said...

Happy Easter. That is a cute outfit. Isn't Easter so much fun?

Sarah Ball said...

He looks just like his daddy! the pic of the two of them together is my favorite. something about a little boy and their daddy's is pricless.

Jenny said...

What fun pictures. His outfit is adorable!