Sunday, April 12, 2009

Baby Animal Days!

I have been looking forward to this weekend for a while now, because we got to go out and do something! And, along with that, we got to go to LOGAN! :) I never really liked Logan the first year I lived there, but I fell in love with Cache valley our second year up there, and made some friends who are truly kindred spirits, so it was so wonderful to go up and see a few peoples! Our main venture was Baby Animal Days, but Steven wasn't as interested in animals as I thought he would be. He was more interested in running around outside!
Keeping a safe distance from the baby goats Cole and Steven were NOT fans of the baby cows Checking out the baby bunnies
Steven's most un-favorite part of the day, the pony ride
The beautiful lil' creek/stream
Steven loved just being able to walk around
And running away....
My cute boys...
Sittin' on a bench like a big boy
Checkin' out the goats ( and mom having some photoshop fun)
More cuteness
And of course, seeing my friends was a plus plus plus for me!! Thanks guys for making it a fun outing!


Christie said...

You're so gorgeous! Seriously, you're beautiful!

Rachel and Brian said...

I was so touched that you came up and took time out for your friends! Janell you are such a great gal and again thanks for stopping to help me find my key!!

TheGrandys said...

No fair! We love baby animal days! These pics are cute :)