Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Time for Steven to be tagged!!

I'm excited that Colton tagged Steven. Seeing as he is the center of ours lives. :) and he is sure cute
Some things you may or may not know about lil Steven:
1. His favorite show is "Music and the Spoken Word" with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It's true it's one of the only things I let him watch, but he absolutely loves it!
2. A lot of times when we ask Steven a question,
he gets a big grin on his face and starts to shake his head vigorously.
3. He absolutely loves books! He will sit on our laps in Sacrament Meeting, and open and close the hymn book for quite a while.
4. He is very ticklish on his neck and armpits. He has the cutest little giggle!
5. He moves all over the room by rolling. He's fast, and sneaky!
6. He absolutely loves seeing pictures of himself. He will smile and wave any time he sees them.
7. His favorite book is his scrapbook, because it's full of pictures of himself.
8. He loves to dance when his dad plays the piano
9. After his nap, he peeks under the bumper pad to see if he can find me.
10. He's basically the cutest thing ever, and we absolutely love him!
Now Steven tags Cambree and Makenzie...I can't think of any more


Katelyn Mason said...

fun! I will definitely do this! :)

Amber said...

Steven is so cute. He is getting to be so big. I'm glad you guys are enjoying being away from your favorite place, Logan. You guys are awesome and we miss you.