Monday, June 23, 2008

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Our awesome neighbors, Ryan and Kara, invited us to go to a Bees game with them on Saturday. It was so much fun! I'd never been to a baseball game, and I got to fulfill my dream of eating a hot dog at a baseball game. Now, to eat a hot dog in Fenway Park....:)Steven riding on Dads shoulders Hanging out on the lawn Ryan and Kara having fun in the sun! Darrell and Ryan with their "hats" (they almost got to a home run ball with those mitts!) Since the first time he's seen her, Steven has absolutely LOVED Kara. He always ditches me for her at ward softball games. Ah, fer tender I got a pedicure with my sis-in-laws and mom-in-law on are my pretty toes! Steven and the mitt Yay we won!

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