Thursday, July 05, 2012

Washington–Day 3


Seattle day!!  We woke up early to drive to downtown.  Our first stop was along the waterfront.  Not only did we see the original Starbucks and Red Robin locations, but we also go to go to the Aquarium!! It was very cool.  This was the only time on the trip I wish I had had my kids with me, cause I knew they, too, would have loved it!  I really loved that they had a lot of animals and fish that are native to the the Puget Sound.  They did have other cool things as well.DSCN3490DSCN3495DSCN3504DSCN3505DSCN3508DSCN3510DSCN3511DSCN3512DSCN3521DSCN3526DSCN3527DSCN3529

After the aquarium it was off to Pike’s Place Market.  It was fun insane madness, and a cool experience.



Then off to see the famous and nasty gum wall


After a delicious lunch at the famous Ivars, it was off to the Space Needle.  The Space Needle was really cool, but kind of not as cool as I thought it would be.  I’m glad I can say I’ve been though Smile




After the Space Needle, we headed to see the Ballard Locks and botanical gardens.  This was really cool.  We even got to watch them movie boats from one body of water to the other so we actually got to see it in action rather than try to figure it out by just reading their info-signs. Their salmon ladder was awesome too, with the salmon jumping up the ladders. 


Our last stop before heading back to Tacoma was Gasworks Park.  It had some more awesome views of the city, and was a fun last stop.DSCN3615DSCN3617DSCN3618DSCN3619DSCN3620

Sunday after church, we headed home. It was a quick trip, but oh so much fun!! Thanks Kate and Kacey for partying it up with me!!

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looks like it was a fun trip!!