Sunday, May 23, 2010

Some of this and that

The yard scene:
We have grass in the front yard AND a tree! you might notice we planted some stuff in the front flower beds as well My roses have flourished beautifully so far in the week we've had them!Have I mentioned I love the view of Mt. Timp from my porch? This view is also something I've fallen in love with on my evening runsThe Steven Scene: Steven is becoming very good at asking for things politely. Like when his fingers are dirty, he says, "Help me wash them please" and he says "thank you" constantly, which is basically just adorable. He also loves being concerned for "Lillie Lou's Broken Bone." We got top soil this week to help us finish off the back yard. For two hours after the delivery guy dropped it off, Steven dug, played, climbed, and nose dived off the hill. He was running back to tell me to "Come play with me mom!" as I took this picture. He's also discovered a new neatness to the fisher price farm animals he got for Christmas. As you can tell, the sheep wasn't the best driver, so it needed a tractor to tow it.
The Lillie Scene:
Through her tough past week, her daddy has been the one she prefers to have comfort her. A little sad she doesn't want me as much sometimes, but cute to see the two of them bonding.We went to Primary Children's on Thursday to a fracture clinic, and x-rays were once again done on her leg. It was still broken (surprise) and I thought they would do a cast. The doctor didn't want to cast a leg that small, so she gave us a Wheaton Harness (shown below). It's supposedly supposed to hold the leg in one position and help with healing and be more comfortable. Needless to say, the last 3 days have not been our favorites, and Lillie always wants to kick her legs and can't. Luckily I can take the harness off, so when I change her diaper, I unstrap her unbroken leg and let her kick and laugh for a little bit. She does like that :) Three more weeks and we should be done with all this fun stuff!
Happy Wonderful Sunday everyone!


Christie said...

your yard looks AWESOME! How awesome is that?! good luck with the brace! I hope these next few weeks go fast for you!

Cathy said...

Oh, Janell. I cannot even imagine how NOT fun it must be to have a baby with a broken leg. She does look adorable in that harness though. And she's getting so big (and even cuter...if that's possible).

Brittany said...

nice yard! cute steven. and poor lillie! hope you're doing ok!

The Hessey's said...

Love your yard! We regret, every day, not putting sod in. We planted and it is still looking pretty sad.
Hope Lillie is feeling a lot better by now!