Friday, May 14, 2010

Race for the Cure

First, a story. Once upon a time there was a girl who HATED running. She loved participating in sports, but hated running. She could dance for hours, she could swim for a long time, and be okay. But if she tried running, her lungs hurt, her throat hurt, and her body hurt. Then when she was 5 months pregnant with her first child, some of her family did a 5K - Running with Angels - in memory of a sis-in-law's brother who passed away, and a stillborn nephew. This girl walked the 5K with her family in support of Jake and Parker. She had never had any race training, and was enjoying the view, so she completed the 5K in 52 minutes. Then, a goal was set. The girl wanted to participate in the "Race for the Cure" in honor of her survivor mother, who was diagnosed with breast cancer on September 11, 2001. The goal was originally do to the race in 2008, after her son was born. Her son was born in September of 2007, the running shoes were purchased, but training never began. The 2008 race was scheduled the same weekend as a family vacation to Disneyland, so sights were set on Race for the Cure 2009. Then the girl was asked to be a Matron of Honor at her good friend's wedding the same day at the race in 2009. The goal was then set - very determinedly - for 2010. After having her second child in January of 2010, the girl had big hopes and goals, and 8 weeks later the running training began. Alas, the girl didn't get as much training done as she wanted, but she made it to the Race in 2010, joined by her amazing survivor mother, sister, brother, and sister in law! And she completed in it 34 minutes. About 10 minutes after the race, the thought occured to the girl "I just may be addicted to running...."
Here are some pictures documenting the fabulous event!


Brittany said...

wahoo!! cute rowley girls :)

Christie said...

you are so cool! One day, we'll run a race together... whenever one of us isn't have kids... lol

AJ and Em said...

So proud of you Janell, way to go! You got a GREAT time for never having ran any races before and just having a baby not too long ago.